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FPML-CWG Collateral WG Kick-Off Meeting: Wednesday, January 27th - 10am NY / 3pm London



Thank you for your participation in the FpML Collateral Working Group.


We’ll hold the kick-off meeting next week:


Wednesday January 27th @ 10am NY / 3pm London time (1 hour)


Dial in Details:

      US Dial-in:             888-481-3032

      UK Toll Free:           0800 904 7961

      International Dial-in:  617-801-9600

      Passcode:               8682747


Draft Agenda:

- Review of the working group chart: http://www.fpml.org/wgroup/colwg/colwgcharter.html

- Working group logistics





Lyteck Lynhiavu


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ISDA has launched a new FpML working group focusing on Collateral business processes. The FpML Collateral Working Group will extend the FpML standard with a definition of the standard messages to support the Collateral business processes, building on the work done by the ISDA Collateral Committee (see http://www.isda.org/c_and_a/pdf/Electronic-Messaging.pdf ). The following business processes will be supported:

  • Margin Call
  • Interest Payment
  • Substitution

The working group will start meeting in the beginning of January 2010 on a weekly basis, with a goal to have a first working draft available by February. Anyone interested in contributing to the collateral framework in FpML, either from a technical or a business perspective, is welcome to join the working group.

For more information on the FpML Collateral Working Group, see the group charter at http://www.fpml.org/wgroup/colwg/colwgcharter.html

Please visit the following link and fill out the call for participation form if you are interested in participating: http://www.fpml.org/lists/?p=subscribe&id=22


Karel Engelen
Head of FpML

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