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FPML-CWG RE: Collateral WG Meeting: Wed 17 February 2010


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From: owner-colwg@xxxxxxxx [mailto:owner-colwg@xxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Lyteck Lynhiavu
Sent: 17 February 2010 04:07
To: 'colwg@xxxxxxxx'
Subject: FPML-CWG Collateral WG Meeting: Wed 17 February 2010


Please find the details for tomorrow’s meeting.


Wednesday February 17, 2010 @ 10am NY / 3pm London time (1h30)


Dial in Details:

      US Dial-in:             888-481-3032

      UK Toll Free:           0800 904 7961

      International Dial-in:  617-801-9600

      Passcode:               8682747


è Please review the following data fields, for discussion at the meeting.



-    Revisit MC1 message (request for margin call) based on last week’s comments + Richard & Kaizad proposals (doc/zip file)

-    Continue discussion on MC3a data fields (accept call & propose collateral) (PDF page 18-19)

-    Confirm that MC3b (accept call) and MC3c (propose collateral) are covered by MC3a

-    à Review MC5 data fields (full dispute) (PDF page 22-23)

-    à Review MC6 data fields (partial dispute) (PDF page 23-24)

-    AOB


Thanks, Lyteck


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