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FPML-CWG Collateral WG Meeting: Wed July 14, 2010 @ 10am New York / 3pm London

We’ll have a meeting Wednesday at the usual time:


Next Meeting– Wednesday July 14, 2010 @ 10am New York / 3pm London


Going forward, we will use remote web sessions to make it easier to review the schema and examples during the calls.  Please note you may need to install a small module to view the meeting. Those who can’t install the module can also follow by opening the XML files directly (see attached zip; rename .zip-email extension to .zip).


1.  Join the web presentation:


Meeting ID: 428-595-714


2.  Dial-in details:

US Dial-in:                        888-481-3032

UK Toll Free:                    0800 904 7961

International Dial-in:     617-801-9600

Passcode:                         8682747



·         FpML 5.1 Working Draft 1 Deliverable (schema, examples, schema documentation, documentation)

·         Proposal to rename collateral messages:

    • requestMarginCall (MC1) à renamed to requestMargin
    • disputeAcknowledgement (MC11) à renamed to disputeNotification (“acknowledgement” is reserved for the low-level system message)
    • proposeCollateral (MC3c) à renamed requestCollateralAcceptance
    • Acknowledgement, Exception, Retraction messages are standard low-level system messages. The following messages were added:
      • marginAcknowledgement (related to MC1)
      • marginException
      • collateralAcceptanceAcknowledgement (related to MC3c)
      • collateralAcceptanceException
      • disputeAcknowledgement (related to MC11)
      • disputeException
      • disputeRetracted
    • Messages not renamed yet:
      • marginCallStatus (MC3b/MC5/MC6 = response to MC1)
      • collateralProposalStatus (MC7/MC8 = response to MC3c)


Action Items / To do

1.       All firms to validate the schema/content model by creating their own XML examples or by providing margin call examples which we can translate to XML.

2.       GlobeOp / Richard to put together a list of definitions (i.e., glossary of collateral terms) that will be used to document the schema.

3.       Renaming of collateral messages to comply to FpML message naming patterns (ongoing)


Ref: http://www.isda.org/c_and_a/pdf/Electronic-Messaging.pdf


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