FpML® Public Documents Listing

bullet FpML® Public Documents

Public documents in FpML are produced either internally or by participating members of FpML.

  • Technical Papers:
    Technical notes and papers produced by any of the FpML organizational groups.

  • Process and Procedure Documents:
    Process and procedure documents produced by any of the FpML organizational groups.

  • Proposals:
    Initial proposals describing potential ways to extend the FpML standard by incorporating new products and/or business processes. These initial proposals form a starting point for specific FpML working groups and are made available at the time of the call for participation. The outcome of the review process of these proposals and the further development of these proposals can be found in the specifications. These proposals are not updated once a working group has started its review.

  • Investment Roadmap:
    The Investment Roadmap is designed to provide market participants a consistent and clear direction with regards to messaging standards usage by visually mapping the industry standard protocols – FIX, ISO, and FpML – to the appropriate business processes across the major asset classes.

  • Working Group Documents:
    Public documentation developed by FpML Working Groups.*

  • Extensions to the FpML Standard:
    These documents are extensions to the FpML standard, following the extensions guidelines (see the Architectural guidelines in the specifications). The extensions are not reviewed by an official FpML working group and therefore are not published as part of the specifications, they mostly cover non derivative products e.g. bonds and equity contracts.

*The section contains a limited document set from the groups. Working Group Documents are produced by FpML Working Groups but are not posted into the FpML Specification, however are considered useful for publication. For more information, contact the Working Group chair.

bullet FpML® Public License

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