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Examples/Test Cases
minorassigned (mgratacos)2014-10-14ird-ex32-zero-coupon-swap.xml is wrong
   0001204 [FpML]
crashassigned (mgratacos)2014-10-13dividendLeg/dividendPeriod/fixedStrike is too strict
   0001203 [FpML]
minorassigned (mgratacos)2014-08-08PackageType
   0001202 [FpML]
Coding Scheme
majorassigned (mgratacos)2014-07-24Missing EventType Code Scheme
   0001201 [FpML]
featureassigned (mgratacos)2014-06-18Party and Party Group model
tweakassigned (mgratacos)2014-06-18Table of Contents - renumber
minorfeedback (mgratacos)2014-06-03Non-UTF8 characters in xsd
minorassigned (iyermakova)2014-04-01Commodity coding scheme issues
   0001196 [FpML]
Validation Rules
featureassigned (danieldui)2014-03-21Reference Rules in the Reporting view
Request New Feature
featureassigned (mgratacos)2014-02-20Merged schema, sorted with documentation
   0001185 [FpML]
minorassigned (mgratacos)2014-01-06inferring mappings from Identifiers
Validation Rules
minorassigned (danieldui)2013-10-22FpML 5.x rule update for Party/Account changes is incomplete
Interest Rate Derivatives
minorassigned (h_mcallister)2013-09-09FRA indexTenor should not be unbounded
Validation Rules
minorassigned (andrew)2013-08-20CD Conditions
Validation Rules
minorassigned (danieldui)2013-08-20Validation Rules and views
Validation Rules
minorassigned (danieldui)2013-08-20invalid examples for new shared rules
Validation Rules
minorassigned (danieldui)2013-08-19Examples not valid with respect to validation rules
   0001181 [FpML]
Examples/Test Cases
minorassigned (iyermakova)2013-08-08reporting example contains invalid content
Validation Rules
minorassigned (danieldui)2013-07-30The term regular Period as a function
Validation Rules
minorassigned (danieldui)2013-07-30ird-36 date arithmetic in days and weeks only
Validation Rules
minorassigned (danieldui)2013-07-30defining "the schedule implied by"
Validation Rules
minorassigned (danieldui)2013-07-30fx-10 only works on Day Periods.
Validation Rules
minorassigned (danieldui)2013-06-255.0 Reporting View Validation Rules
Validation Rules
minorassigned (danieldui)2013-06-25Check that we have uniqueness rules for all IDs
majorassigned (lyteck)2013-06-13Consider allowing optional quote measures in pretrade requestLimitCheck
   0001173 [FpML]
Coding Scheme
majorassigned (BrianLynn)2013-06-05Missing Scheme for event-type
tweakassigned (mgratacos)2013-04-30Bond Options may be of Bond Futures
Business Process
majorassigned (mgratacos)2013-03-12Support off-market prices for all products
Examples/Test Cases
minorassigned (danieldui)2012-11-02invalid-fx-30-01.xml does not trigger rule fx-30
Examples/Test Cases
minorassigned (danieldui)2012-11-02invalid-ref-9-01 test-case does not trigger rule
Examples/Test Cases
minorassigned (danieldui)2012-11-02invalid-shared-19-1 does not exercise the rule
Credit Derivatives
minorassigned (danieldui)2012-11-02cd-21 first invalid input
blockassigned (milasx)2012-09-06How to represent a callable forward in FpML
   0001131 [FpML]
majorassigned (mgratacos)2012-08-03Problem with 5.3 RecordKeeping & Reporting XSD's
majorassigned (iyermakova)2012-07-03FpML lost the ability to specify the actual settlement rate option for FX Non-Deliverable Forward and Option.
   0001122 [FpML]
majorassigned (milasx)2012-05-25Fx Options - Strategy document
minorassigned (iyermakova)2012-04-17DeliveryDatesEnum - inconsistent values' naming, tool issue
   0001106 [FpML]
Examples/Test Cases
minorassigned (mgratacos)2012-04-02All test cases for invalid-ref-7-01 contain the wrong kind of trade
   0001098 [FpML]
Business Process
featureassigned (mgratacos)2012-03-23PartyTradeInformation.model is not available PartiesAndAccounts.model in the confirmation view
  0001097 [FpML]
minorassigned (mgratacos)2012-03-21String components of Address have insufficently restrictive types
Validation Rules
minorassigned (danieldui)2011-11-08Review of FX Validation Rules for new CrossRate component
   0001069 [FpML]
minorassigned (mgratacos)2011-09-29Change in the use of Product elements
minorassigned (mgratacos)2011-09-28ClearingStatus clearingStatusItem model
minorassigned (mgratacos)2011-05-09Inconsistent element definitions
Validation Rules
minorfeedback (danieldui)2010-12-15fx-12 needs defining completely
Modeling Task Force
majorassigned (schufoo)2010-12-15Make rate observation representation for FX and IRD consistent.
minorassigned (mgratacos)2010-11-29Normalizing all FpML payment types
featureassigned (mgratacos)2010-11-15Refactor ExerciseProcedure type
   0001031 [FpML]
Interest Rate Derivatives
minorassigned (h_mcallister)2010-11-15Interpolated stub rate definition is too complex
majorassigned (iyermakova)2010-11-11Rebate features
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