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  • Architecture Working Group
    The Architecture Working Group develops the FpML architecture specification. Where possible, appropriate standards developed by W3C and other standards bodies should be reused.

  • Reporting/Regulatory Reporting Working Group
    The Reporting Working Group will define the data elements that should be available to report positions, and the minimum set that are required to be reported. This includes deciding how these should be bundled together, e.g. number of views, product structures, etc. The group will also define how to handle reporting on positions for which the FpML standard does not currently have a defined detailed product representation.
  • Syndicated Loan Working Group
    The fundamental mission of the Syndicated Loan Working Group is to establish a common electronic data exchange format within the primary and secondary commercial loan markets; thus enabling more efficient communication of notifications and loan product details between the agent banks and lenders.
  • Business Process Working Group
    The Business Process Working Group will extend the FpML standard’s coverage of OTC derivative business processes. Focus will be on areas where new industry services being developed or new business processes are being standardized.

  • Credit Derivatives Working Group
    The Credit Derivatives Working Group works to extend FpML to include products such as credit default swaps and options.

  • Commodities Working Group
    The Commodities Working Group will develop FpML schemas and examples, coding schemes, and supporting documentation for commodity products that are commonly traded as OTC derivatives to support reporting and clearing.
  • Equity Derivatives Working Group
    The Equity Derivatives Working Group seeks to extend the content of the FpML specification in order to align with ISDA Product and Process standardisation, and respond to the needs of the Derivatives Industry.
  • FX Products Working Group
    The FX Products Working Group will evaluate the Citigroup/UBSW FX-FpML proposal and other proposals as they deem appropriate and will deliver an FpML specification for the varied FX Products.

  • Validation Working Group
    The Validation Working Group enables the extension of the FpML product definitions to include semantic or business validation constraints through the use of a validation constraint language.

  • FpML Announcements
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