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bullet ISDA re-publishes the Recommendation for FpML Version 5.3

ISDA has re-published the Recommendation for FpML Version 5.3 (build 8).

This version includes the following changes compared with the FpML 5.3 Recommendation (build 7) which was published on 2012-10-17:

  • Reporting (Confirmation View):
    • So Within 'Product' type removed 'embeddedOptionType' element and its "EmbeddedOptionType' type. Rationale: Correction. Approved by the Standards Committee
  • Examples in Transparency , Reporting and Recordkeeping View:
    • o Changed to coding scheme values and incorrect references to external URLs. Rational : Corrected errors.

    The Working Draft is available on the FpML website in the Specifications section at: http://www.fpml.org/spec/fpml-5-3-8-rec-2/

    More information on the timing of version 5.3 and the coverage and timing of future versions can be found in the FpML roadmap: http://www.fpml.org/roadmap/roadmap.pdf.

    Please send us your comments by filling in the form at http://www.fpml.org/issues .


    The FpML Team