bulletRegulatory Reporting

FpML provides a robust technical framework for global regulatory reporting requirements.

While the focus of versions 5.3 and 5.4 has been the coverage of the CFTC reporting requirements to swap data repositories (SDRs) and for real time reporting purposes, the FpML Regulatory Reporting Working Group has kept in mind draft requirements from other regulators and developments in other jurisdictions.

Support for CFTC Parts 43 and 45 can be found in Recordkeeping and Transparency views. Support for Part 20 Large Trader Reporting can be found in Reporting view. In addition to reporting requirements the Reporting Working Group has also developed a generic representation of products for complex and bespoke products. See FpML version 5.4 (link) for the latest schema and examples.

The Reporting Working Group welcomes contributions from all, includes broad industry participation, and close collaboration with the CFTC. The group has met on a weekly basis for the past two years allowing it to develop a sound, timely, industry-driven solution, in advance of the regulatory deadlines. As new regulations become available, FpML provides an robust, open technical framework which can be leveraged and expanded by regulators worldwide.