FpML® Tools Vendor List

The tools that are listed on this page have NOT been reviewed by ISDA in any way.

These are listed based solely on vendor interest in FpML and at their request. A listing of a tool carries no explicit or implicit endorsement or certification by ISDA. Use of any tool on this page requires your own due diligence and is carried out at your own risk.

AgentIdea Solutions Global Electronic Markets LLC Kronos Software Ltd Pi4 Technologies Foundation, Ltd Trace Financial
C24 Technologies Global Electronic Markets LLC and Systemwire, Ltd Liquid Technologies PolarLake Ltd Tradeheader
Code Synthesis Tools CC HandCoded Software Ltd Magoo Software Progress Software Universal Data Interface Corporation
ETL Solutions HCL Perot Systems Mark Logic Corporation RCP Consultants Ltd Valentia Partners
Financial Fusion IBM MDXSYS Limited Sonic Software, Inc. Volante Technologies
Finetix Ipedo Message Automation Systinet WASP Server for Java Webswell, Inc.
FireStar Software, Inc. Zeliade Systems

bullet AgentIdea Solutions

Tool Name AgentIdea Solutions TOOLKIT
Category Storage Tools (FpML Repository Queriable by XQL)
Development Tools (Adapter Toolkit)
Service Components (Rule Engine)
Short Description The AIS Toolkit consists of XML-based frameworks, components and a repository, which enables the development of real-time distributed financial industry applications for the front, middle and back-office.
Key Features Platform and Language Agnostic
Based on Open Standards (W3C, J2EE, .NET)
LDAP-based Repository
Integration with XML (e.g. FpML) and non-XML
Protocols (e.g. FIX)
Technical Details Our toolkit is an aggregation of practical know-how, industry proven practices and our skill-set, represented by the following elements: Frameworks, Components and a Repository.

Based on Open Standards, this enterprise design pattern uses XML message routing to initiate and dynamically execute Commands on remote servers.
Peer-to-Peer XML messaging
Heterogeneous components
SOAP-compatible message format
Business Process Repository

Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
Contact Email: g@agentidea.com

bullet C24 Technologies

Tool Name C24 Integration Objects (C24-iO)
Category Development Tools, Application Components, Service Components
Short Description C24 Integration Objects is a data modeling, meta-data management, transformation, and messaging integration toolkit based on Java data binding technology with comprehensive support for over 40 industry standards including FpML, SWIFTNet Derivatives, MarkitSERV, SWIFT MT/MX, ISO 20022, and FIX.
Key Features
  • C24-iO Studio is a graphical, model-driven IDE. Data models can be quickly created or imported, versioned, specialized, differenced and merged, saving time and money in deploying FpML integration solutions.
  • Deployable as Java objects, C24-iO solutions run in any Java framework container, such as Spring and J2EE application servers.
  • Provides meta-data modeling with acquisition from Excel files, XML Schema Documents (XSD), XML Document Type Definitions (DTD), Web Service Definition Language (WSDL), XML instance documents, text files, relational databases, Java classes, OASIS RELAX-NG.
  • Diff/Merge tool speeds time to analyze impact of changes to existing and specialized data models.
  • Pre-built and maintained standards libraries for FpML and over 40 industry messaging standards are provided. Each library provides support for message syntax, validation rules, test cases of valid and invalid data, and a service level guarantee.
  • Ability to extend and specialize base standards for internal normalized canonical super-models
  • Support for common ESB and queuing platforms such as Mule, and FUSE
  • Support for caching/memory grid technologies such as Gemfire, Gigaspaces, Ehcache, Coherence, Redis
  • Support for NoSQL implementations such as MongoDB, MarkLogic, Couchbase
  • Support for FpML 5.x Confirmation View, Reporting View, Transparency View, and Recordkeeping View.
Technical Details
The C24-iO FpML Standards Library is designed to meet the needs of firms transacting derivatives business who need their applications to communicate effectively using ISDA FpML standards, both intra-firm and externally across the corporate boundary with their external trading partners. The FpML Standards Library includes:
  • A full set of FpML Schema, examples, validation rules, deprecations, narrative and applicable errata.
  • A full implementation of all constraint validation rules.
  • Full integration with generic code lists for validation against all ISDA published code-lists, and proprietary extensions.
Validation rules are expressed as XPath constraints that are compiled into the Java code components derived from the FpML data models. Any FpML instance document can then be checked for both schema compliance and adherence to the ISDA-originated validation rules as a single operation, or as a precursor to a semantic transformation to another arbitrary format.
Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 5.6
  • FpML 5.5
  • FpML 5.4
  • FpML 5.3
  • FpML 4.9
  • FpML 4.5
  • FpML 4.4
  • FpML 4.3
  • FpML 4.2
  • FpML 4.1
  • FpML 4.0
  • FpML 3.0
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 1.0
Contact Product URL: www.c24.biz
Email: info@c24.biz

bullet Code Synthesis Tools CC

Tool Name CodeSynthesis XSD
Category Development Tools, Application Components
Short Description CodeSynthesis XSD is an open-source, cross-platform W3C XML Schema to C++ data binding compiler. Provided with the FpML schemas, it generates C++ classes that represent the FpML vocabulary as well as parsing and serialization code. You can then access the data stored in XML using types and functions that semantically correspond to your application domain rather than dealing with intricacies of reading and writing XML. This results in a significantly shorter release cycle as well as increased reliability, readability, and maintainability of your code.
Key Features
  • Elegant C++ mappings and portable generated code
  • In-memory and stream-oriented processing models
  • Comprehensive XML Schema feature coverage
  • Easy integration with existing IDEs and build systems
  • Open-source (dual licensed under the GPL and a proprietary license)
  • Cross-platform: available on all major operating systems
Technical Details
Supported platforms Windows, GNU/Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Mac OS X, and AIX
Supported compilers: Visual C++, GNU g++, Sun C++, HP aCC, Intel C++, and IBM XL C++
Supported versions of FpML: FpML 4.1
Contact Product URL: http://www.codesynthesis.com/products/xsd
Email: info@codesynthesis.com

bullet ETL Solutions

Tool Name ETL Solutions - transformation Manager
Category Storage Tools (Object and Relational Mapping to XML, FpML Repository, Versioning)
Development Tools (Data transformation Authoring, Testing, Object Binding Tool)
Application Components (Java Wrapper, Validation, Format transformation, Integrations, EAI, EII, SOA, ESB)
Service Components (Matching Service, Schemes Management)
Short Description In use by several major banks, Transformation Manager (™) has been used in a range of projects to rapidly implement FpML based data, messages and systems and helps bridge the gap between developer and analyst when integrating FpML into the enterprise. A generic transformation and integration tool, TM combines a high level view of the integration models and rules with the ability to do complex and low level transformations. Code generation with a simple and lightweight runtime interface enables proven deployment into any enterprise system, including J2EE, Murex and proprietary messaging systems. TM is being used to integrate FpML derivatives with databases, Java APIs, flat files, documentation and non FpML-based XML schemas.
Key Features Comprehensive IDE combining easy to use GUI, 300+ built-in functions, wizards, debugger and test tools, deployment tool etc with a unique powerful high level mapping syntax.
TM generates portable Java code offering complete flexibility and freedom to deploy in client architectures
Open Interface provides access and viewing of almost any kind of data
Metadata driven
Many additional features including validation, cleansing, test driven design, and reconciliation
Support virtually any data sources and targets
Technical Details Transformation Manager allows the user to describe the links or transforms between the different types of data at the highest possible semantic level using either an in-built "Simple transformation Language" SML or W3C's XSLT transformation language if this is preferred, or indeed a mixture of these. Very complex logic embedded in the tool is then used to generate code for deployment, either Java or XSLT (or again a mixture of these), that perform the transform.

This paradigm solves a whole range of problems - from the simple problem of taking standalone Microsoft Excel data and updating a local database to the complex issues of generating and controlling the transformations embedded in types of global distributed applications required by the new era of e-Business.

XML is the key piece in the building of the loosely coupled integration architectures and is being used by most major corporations to build web applications. These distributed architectures draw upon open standards such as the OMG's CORBA, Sun's J2EE or Web Services. transformation Manager fully supports these international standards and is application-vendor neutral. These features are extremely important in an integration product intended for widespread market acceptance.

In short the product offers:
  • Model enhancement. TM enables the basic XSD model to be enhanced with additional or modified relationships, properties and facets. For example, whereas FpML schema may refer to a list of generic party elements, TM can identify parties more specifically, such as counter parties, and refer to them by name within the business rules.

  • Validation. XML schema cannot validate all constraints, for example elements which are optional for some message types, and mandatory for others. Business rules can be added to perform this sort of validation, with violations collected in a report or causing a fatal exception.

  • Ordering. When creating XML, including FpML, TM orders the output according to the schema, allowing the user to ignore low level details of creating target elements in the correct order.

  • Versioning. TM is ideal for migrating instances from one schema version to another. With the model comparator, support for identity transforms, assisted creation of transforms for similar sources and targets, developers of such transforms can concentrate on the differences between the two models.

  • Flexibility. Whether storing FpML into a relational database, producing documentation, transforming to an internal schema, instantiating equivalent Java business objects or creating FpML from any of these sources, TM uses the same interface to describe the business rules of how this is achieved. Runtime deployments are designed for minimal disruption to existing systems, and as pure Java code operate within workflow engines such as Murex, proprietary messaging systems, J2EE application servers, and batch/bulk load environments.

Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 3.0
  • FpML 4.0
  • FpML 4.1
  • FpML 4.2
Contact Karl Glenn
Tel: +44 (0) 191 289-4040

bullet Financial Fusion

Tool Name Financial Fusion Server
Category Development Tools (Object Binding Tool)
Application Components (Format transformation)
Short Description Financial Fusion Server provides the ability to communicate via FpML, FIX, SWIFT, GSTPA, ISO15022, OMGEO from a single scalable platform. Our message broker technology allows easy integration and message transformation.
Key Features Full FIX connectivity, FpML, SWIFT, GSTPA, OMGEO message sets, Message Broker transformation, STP middleware product.
Technical Details Application server based, 100% JAVA EJB compliant.
Contact Chris Fink
Tel: +44 207 285 4079 (EU)
Will Stevenson
Tel: 001 978 287 2437 (US)

bullet Finetix

Tool Name Reportix
Category Application Components (Document Generation)
Short Description Reportix is an Open Source project that aims to apply the power of XML, FpML, XSL, XSL:FO, Xerces, Xalan, FOP and J2EE to PDF formatted wholesale banking report generation. It is highly standards compliant and designed to integrate cleanly and swiftly in a J2EE environment. The range of potential applications for wholesale banking institutions is broad, and includes the automatic generation of confirmation notes, contracts, position reports, value at risk reports and credit netting reports.
Key Features Automatic translation of FpML to PDF document
Technical Details Reportix is an Open Source product and is based on the Apache XML tools. Using XSL transforms Reportix translates an FpML document into XSL:FO, which is then used to generate PDFs.

Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 3.0
Contact John O'Sullivan

bullet FireStar Software, Inc.

Tool Name ObjectSpark
Category Storage Tools (Object and Relational Mapping to XML)
Development Tools (Data transformation Authoring)
Application Components (Integration Tools e.g. Excel)
Short Description FireStar Software's ObjectSparkTM is the industry's first infrastructure software that structures and automates the development and deployment of data and message services, a critical layer in multi-tiered or distributed applications. The patented technology includes out-of-the-box data services with easy to use visual tools that enable customization and deployment. ObjectSpark delivers scalable, high performance data service objects and web services. These components can be used in Microsoft and Java (J2EE) development environments. ObjectSpark provides support for XML messages, documents, and links to major messaging systems. It is fully extensible to support specific implementations like the FpML message standards. ObjectSpark also provides native support for major databases as well as general support for ADO/JDBC accessible data sources.
Key Features
Simple graphical interface to enable applications by mapping FpML (XML) definitions to enterprise application objects.
Automatically generates object APIs for rapid development in Microsoft or Java development environments.
Integrated SOAP server.
Universal Adapter that runs in production applying mapped semantics to integrate application with data to/from messages or other data sources.
Insulates application from the XML variants, so as standards evolve the impact on the application is minimal.
Saves at least 20% on any new development project and follow on maintenance by reducing hand coding and automating documentation.
Maps applications to heterogeneous data sources.
Supports association, aggregation, or composition based relationships.
Technical Details
Platforms supported are J2EE, EJB, COM+, .NET
Databases supported are Oracle, DB2, SQL Server
Supports XML/SOAP
Runs in-process or on a separate server
Implements optimization - data caching, lazy reads, attribute shadowing
Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 3.0
Contact Customers in the US:

Alan Dipietro
Tel: +1 978 635 9320
Email: dipietro@firestarsoftware.com

Customers outside the US:

Stephen Ford
VP, International
Mobile: +1 443 722 1611
Email: ford@firestarsoftware.com

FireStar Software:

FireStar Software, Inc.
31 Nagog Park
Acton, MA 01720
Tel: +1 978 635 9320
Fax: +1 978 635 9312

bullet Global Electronic Markets LLC

Tool Name GemDelta - FpML Comparison Tools
Category Application Components, User Tools
Short Description GemDelta is a tool for comparing FpML documents. We are currently offering a version integrated with GemScribe, our FpML viewer/editor.
Key Features GemDelta performs a configurable, heuristically guided match between trades, reporting only meaningful differences. It categorizes differences by type, and generates an overall match quality score. When integrated with GemScribe, GemDelta is IE 5+ based and runs entirely within the browser. No applets or ActiveX controls are required. It supports easy match customization using configuration files. It generates output in the form of HTML displays and highlighted views of the original trade display. When packaged as a standalone product, it can run from the command line or as a server process on Unix or Windows platforms.
Technical Details
Java based components
J2EE compliant components
Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 3.0
Contact Email:sales@global-emarkets.com

bullet Global Electronic Markets LLC

Tool Name GemScribe - FpML Viewer/Editor
Category Application Components, User Tools
Short Description GemScribe is a web-browser based tool for viewing and editing FpML documents.
Key Features GemScribe is IE 5+ based and runs entirely within the browser. No applets or ActiveX controls are required. It supports easy customization using template-driven layouts and XML formats, and CSS stylesheets for customizing look and feel. GemScribe can read FpML files from the Internet or from the local file system, or can create new FpML files from template deals. It can save FpML files to the local file system or to a web server.
Technical Details
Java based components
J2EE compliant components
Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 2.0
Contact Email:sales@global-emarkets.com

bullet Global Electronic Markets LLC

Tool Name GemVault - FpML trade Archive
Category Application Components, User Tools
Short Description GemVault is a web-server based system for archiving, querying, and retrieving FpML documents.
Key Features GemVault is based on the Apache HTTP server, Open SSL, BerkeleyDB, and mod_perl. It provides an efficient way to store large numbers of FpML documents, and to index and retrieve the documents. Features include "find a trade like this" and portfolio matching, for quickly matching trades in a portfolio supplied by a partner to existing trades in the archive. It integrates with GemScribe, for displaying trades, and GemDelta, for comparing different versions of trades (either from different sources or at different times.).
Technical Details Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 3.0
Contact Email:sales@global-emarkets.com

bullet Global Electronic Markets LLC and Systemwire, Ltd

Tool Name FpML Mediator
Category Application Components, User Tools
Short Description FpML Mediator is an advanced FpML validation, matching and reconciliation engine. It is entirely rule driven, enabling the business to control which business rules to apply, which elements should be matched, which sensitivities should be applied, and where optional matches are desired. FpML Mediator supports all FpML products and versions, and can reconcile trades of different versions. FpML Mediator can support both intra-day matching for new activity, and periodic batch processing of large trade inventories.
Key Features Validation implements all FpML business rules. Matching allows inventories of many thousands of trades to be processed at thousands of trades per minute, based on configurable matching rules. Trade reconciliation is highly configurable, supporting a wide variety of scoring, optionality and tolerance policies. Mediator seamlessly supports client extensions to FpML.
Technical Details Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 3.0
  • FpML 4.0
  • FpML 4.1 (1Q 2005)
Supports FpML 4.0 matching, confirmation, and trade status messages.
Contact Email: sales@fpml-mediator.com

bullet HandCoded Software Ltd.

Tool Name Toolkit for FpML Processing
Category Development Tools, Application Components, Service Components
Short Description The HandCoded Toolkit for FpML processing provides a core set of functions for manipulating FpML documents, including a high performance implementation of the FpML business rules for validation and inter-version conversion.
Key Features
  • Low cost Java and C# toolkit providing FpML related document processing using standard open technology.
  • Efficient implementation of FpML business rule validation including enhancements for older DTD based documents and schemes.
  • Automatic conversion of FpML documents from earlier to later releases
  • Extendable financial product identificiation and classification
Technical Details

The HandCoded Toolkit is available in both Java and C# varieties, both containing the same core functions for FpML document validation and conversion. Designed for high performance the toolkits use standard programming languages and runtime APIs along with a object-orient framework that allow easy development and maintenance of custom user rule sets or conversions.

In addition implementing the standard FpML business rules for FpML 4.0 and 4.1 the toolkit applies appropriate rules to previous releases of FpML and provides strict data type validation for DTD based documents. A set of user customizable data files are provided to allow all the standard 'scheme' code values to be validated during processing and the toolkit can be attached to local data sources for further party and security code checking.

Toolkit functionality can be easily integrated into existing applications or with a minimum amount of code and the functions are compatible with all the releases of FpML from 1.0 to the latest working draft.

A demonstration application that illustrates the validation and conversion capabilities of the toolkit is available from the HandCoded website (see http://www.handcoded.com).

Contact Email: information@handcoded.com

bullet HCL Perot Systems

Tool Name HPS FpML Tool Kit
Category Application Components (FpML Validator, FpML Format transformer)
Service Components (FpML Matching Service, FpML Rule Engine)
Short Description
The Validator validates an FpML message against an XML Schema / Dtd.
The Format transformer converts input streams into FpML messages. At present, it works for text files.
The Matcher performs an equivalence check on two FpML messages using proprietary block level matching algorithm.
An easy-to-use Rule Engine validates an FpML message against standard business and user specified rules.
Key Features
Component Architecture - components may be combined, if required.
Java based GUI components.
Online reference documentation.
Rules based processing.
Scalable environment - integrates with J2EE based enterprise applications.
Technical Details
Java based components
J2EE compliant components
Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
Contact Email:Padma Parthasarathy

bullet IBM

Tool Name IBM® DB2® pureXML®
Category Storage (DB2 pureXML database), Development (DB2 Developer Workbench) and Applications Tools (Industry Bundles for pureXML)
Short Description DB2 pureXML stores, queries and retrieves well-formed XML. It accommodates evolving data structures with ease so administrators don’t have to redesign their database schemas when new business requirements (such as contract changes) emerge. It features specialized XML indexing, storage management, and query optimization techniques for strong runtime performance and scalability. It supports industry-standard query languages (XQuery and SQL/XML) and application programming interfaces. Free, industry-specific software bundles, such as FpML and FIXML, are available to help firms get off to a quick start.
Platforms Various UNIX, Windows, z/OS
Supported Version of FpML 4.x
For more information

DB2 free download: http://www.ibm.com/software/data/db2/express/support.html

DB2 pureXML: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/db2xml/Home

Get started with Industry Formats and Services with pureXML:http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/db2/library/techarticle/dm-0705malaika/index.html?ca=drs-

Contact DB2 forum:http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/forums/dw_forum.jsp?forum=842&cat=19

bullet Ipedo

Tool Name Ipedo XML Information Platform (XIP)
Category Storage Tools, Development Tools (Ipedo XIP) Application Components (Ipedo FpML Accelerator plug in)
Short Description
Ipedo helps manage OTC derivative trades, trade histories and other critical trade related data to better manage risk, reduce operational costs, and reduce capital costs. Through a set of powerful XML-based integration, information management and custom reporting features, organizations can use Ipedo to centralize the collection and management of financial information needed to automate the processing and reduce risk.
Key Features
XML Feeds Provides connection through listeners to message queues and file system directories
XML Views Provides virtual integration with non-XML sources, such as relational databases, and real-time Web Services feeds
XML Rules Allows introspection of inbound and managed XML documents
XQuery Engine Provides detailed search and analysis over local and remote XML sources
XML Pipelines Supports inbound data format conversion and outbound style transformation
FpML Accelerator A plug in set of application components for building FpML applications
Technical Details

Ipedo XIP acts as a platform that works in conjunction with an organization's existing systems to access relevant financial data in real time. The Ipedo FpML Accelerator is a set of components built specifically to process FpML and related custom XML to perform critical OTC derivatives functions. With Ipedo, firms can automate information aggregation, integrate more trade and risk data, perform analysis across trade documents, and allow for long-term active archiving for compliance needs.

Data and Content Federation: Aggregates information and performs lookups between disparate data sources using the XML Query language XQuery
Query Management and Optimization: Actively evaluates queries for performance. Federated queries over external data sources are optimized through a "capabilities based query re-writing" process. All predicates and constraints are pushed down to the back-end source to optimize execution and minimize network traffic
Bi-Directional Update: Synchronizes data bi-directionally and in real time with any data source using XML messages transported over HTTP or JMS
Inbound Filtering and QC: Allows custom business rules to be applied to inbound content using application specific Java filters. Also allows standard XML processing such as transformation and filtering through XSLT and XQuery
XML Schema Management: Performs incremental validation when information is updated to maintain conformance; supports schema evolution: documents are mapped into the new schema when changes are made
XML Query Engine: Supports the XPath and XQuery specifications, caching of query plans to improve search performance, and easily performs single document as well as cross-document queries
Index Management: Indexes any XML element, attribute, or path; in-memory index support improves search performance; automatic index maintenance insures indexes are maintained across updates without requiring a manual index rebuild
Security Management: Manages access to system resources by providing username and password authentication
XML Pipelining: Uses stepwise model for processing XML content. Complicated eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) transformations are broken down into manageable pipeline steps. XML Pipelines also allow complex, multi-step processing via XSL and XML Query combinations.
Platforms: AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows
Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 3.0
  • FpML 4.0
Contact Ipedo, Inc.
1001 Marshall Street
Redwood City , CA 94063
(650) 306-4000


bullet Liquid Technologies

Tool Name Liquid Technologies XML Data Binding Wizard
Category Development Tools
Application Components
Short Description
Our XML Data Binding Wizard will produce a set of simple wrapper classes based on the FpML schemas. These classes have simple strongly typed properties corresponding to the elements and attributes in the schema.
These Object Oriented classes then make it simple to read and write FpML documents. This removes a significant amount of code you normally have to write yourself, increasing productivity & reliability, making your code more readable & maintainable, while removing the need to have in-depth knowledge of XML and XSDs etc.
Key Features

Because FpML is quite a complex schema, without expert knowledge of XSDs it is easy to create invalid XML documents. Our product prevents this, and removes the need to waste time and effort trying to understand the more ambiguous sides of the W3Cs XSD standard.

Supported Languages : C#, Java, Visual Basic 5/6, C++ (cross platform)
Supported Schemas : XSD, XDR, Dtd

A full set of HTML documentation is also generated along with the code, making it even easier to use.

Technical Details

Supported Version of FpML :

  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 3.0
  • FpML 4.0
  • FpML 4.1
Contact Email: fpml@Liquid-Technologies.com

bullet Kronos Software Ltd

Tool Name Kronos Developer Toolkits
Category Development Tools (Object Binding Tool)
Short Description Class libraries for developers that need to rapidly add FpML capability to existing systems or build robust e-commerce and STP applications in a fraction of the time. Kronos FpML Toolkits are designed for both developers and end-users. These toolkits allow you to rapidly adopt the FpML protocol within your organisation. The toolkits comprise Developer Toolkits, Excel Add-ins and the FpML Editor.
Key Features Object-Orientated Type-safe Classes
Complete implementation FpML inheritance hierarchy
Support for schemes
Support for references
Support for choices
Source code environment support
GUI components (Java only)
Online reference documentation
Technical Details Java, C++, and VB class libraries

Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
Contact Email: info@sungard.com

bullet Magoo Software

Tool Name MagooClient
Category Development Tools/Application Components (Viewer/Editor/Validator)
Short Description MagooClient combines XML messaging, editing and scripting to provide a comprehensive graphical user client environment for sending, receiving, editing and validating FpML documents.
Key Features MagooClient is a complete FpML Viewer/Editor/Validator and has been fully tested against the FpML 4.0 schemas and sample instances provided by the FpML specification. Specific features include:

  • Synchronized Form and Hierarchical Tree Views support rapid navigation of complex trades. The form view uses the FpML schema information to render FpML documents as variable-length text fields, tickboxes, radio-buttons and drop-down lists to support correct data entry.

  • Messaging: MagooClient supports the sending and receiving of FpML documents using a range of transports including HTTP/HTTPS, Email and enterprise messaging products compliant with the JMS specification.

  • Full Schema Validation Capability automatically flags errors in document structure and element/attribute content.

  • Id Cross-Referencing is supported using dynamic drop-down lists which offer current Ids within the document (e.g. Business Center, Party Ids). Stale or invalid ID references are automatically detected.

  • Comprehensive Support for FpML Editing: pop-up menus on the tree view support element/attribute addition and deletion, substitution groups, derivative complex types, choices and support for the XML Schema 'any' wildcard. This allows users to easily manipulate FpML document structure without needing specialist XML Schema knowledge.

  • Integrated JavaScript + XML environment allows FpML supplementary validation rules to be implemented and applied.

  • Annotation Panel displays FpML documentation and any relevant validation errors.

Technical Details

Java-based portable solution

Supported Version of FpML:

  • FpML 4.0
Contact Website (www.magoosoft.com)
Contact Email(info@magoosoft.com)

bullet Mark Logic Corporation

Tool Name MarkLogic Server
Category Storage Tools
Development Tools
Application Components
Short Description MarkLogic Server is an enterprise class XML content platform that provides true multi-TB scalability, built-in clustering over HTTP, a complete implementation of XQuery, automatic-indexing of any XML, and support for multiple schemas simultaneously. Major banks use MarkLogic to store FpML and other XML trade standards in a consolidated repository that provides predictable scalability and high-volume transaction processing.
Key Features
  • Multi-TB Scalability on commodity hardware
  • Support for XQuery, WebDAV, XPath 2.0, XML Schema, and other relevant standards.
  • Automatic indexing of XML values and structure in a universal index.
  • Integration over HTTP, .NET, and Java.
  • Support for node-level updates.
  • Alerting functionality supports notification, routing, or other processing of inbound documents to sophisticated queries.
Technical Details Supported Version of FpML:

  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 3.0
  • FpML 4.0
  • FpML 4.1
  • FpML 4.2
  • FpML 4.3
Contact Mark Logic Corporation
999 Skyway Road, Suite 200
San Carlos, California 94070

bullet MDXSYS Limited

Tool Name XML Objective (plus FpML Integration Libraries)
Category General-purpose XML developer tool, in the form of a gui desktop application plus custom libraries.
Short Description XMLobjective is a developer productivity tool to assist in the development and integration of XML and XMLSchema with existing systems in C++, Java and RDBs (using JDBC/SQL).
Key Features XMLSchema Editor
* create and edit structures
* content, design and code views
* wizards to build/edit components, namespaces
* XMLschema-aware editing and validation

XML Document Editor
* data and xml views
* gui component, tree or text editing
* schema aware for valid element / attribute content displays

Object Editor and CodeBuilder
* integration object editor
* generate integration code
* integration for C++, Java and RDBs (using JDBC/SQL)

Technical Details Available for this product:
  • XMLobjective Free is a freely available version, supporting the editing and validation of FpML document instances
  • The commercial version of XMLobjective provides an off-the-shelf “Integration Package”. This package provides pre-built integration libraries for FpML 4-0 in the languages of C++, Java and RDBs
  • An evaluation download is available from the product website (see below), which includes the integration package for FpML
  • Create Fully extensible C++/SQL/Java library based on FpML products

Supported Version of FpML :

  • FpML 4.0
  • FpML 4.1
  • FpML 4.x (templates)
Contact The integration package currently supports the swap and swaption product types. The package can be easily extended however to cover other product types. We will be happy to extend the package on request of any FpML users. Any requests of this kind may be directed to the company website (www.xmlobjective.com), or to the Contact email (fpml@xmlobjective.com).

bullet Message Automation

Tool Name FpML Validator
Category Service Components (Business Rule Validation, Reference Data Validation)
Short Description The Message Automation FpML Validator validates FpML trades against the schema, against business rules and against reference data.
Key Features Validation against the Schema, including caching
Validation against the standard business rules published with FpML
Extensibility through the CLiX rule language: add your own rules, tailor the standard rules
Validation against reference data: "quick-setup" validation against data items in XML files and databases
Performance: 50 trades a second on a 1.4 Ghz PC
try the online demo: http://www.messageautomation.com/FpML/validator/index.jsp

There is no other validator for FpML that comes close.
Technical Details Java-based: 1.3 and 1.4, Windows and Unix
Multiple deployment packages: EJB (message-driven, session), JMS, Java API (.jar file), Web Service in development

Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 3.0
  • FpML 4.0
  • FpML 4.1
  • FpML 4.2
  • FpML 4.3
  • FpML 4.4
  • FpML 4.5
  • FpML 4.6
  • FpML 4.7
  • FpML 4.8
Contact Email: info@messageautomation.com

bullet Pi4 Technologies Foundation Ltd

Tool Name Pi4SOA WS-CDLTool Suite
Category Modeling tool for describing business processes in WS-CDL
Short Description The open source tool provides an eclipse based editor to enable users to create, WS-CDL compliant, descriptions of business processes from a neutral perspective with no one participant having dominion over any other. The tool also provides a scenario editor and a mechanism for validating scenarios of message exchanges against a, WS-CDL compliant, description.
Key Features editor tool for creating business process descriptions/dynamic models
editor tool for creating scenarios of message exchanges
validating tool for validating scenarios against a business process descriptions/dynamic models
Technical Details Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 4.2
  • FpML 4.3
Contact Steve Ross-Talbot
Tool available from www.pi4tech.org
Visit www.hattricksoftware.com

bullet PolarLake Ltd

Tool Name PolarLake
Category Application Components (Format transformation)
Service Components (Validation, Matching)
Short Description PolarLake is an enterprise grade software platform providing the full set of the services required to develop, assemble and deploy advanced FpML, other XML and Web Services applications in Java. The development process consists of developing new components or integrating existing components and applications and then, by defining rules and document flows, graphically assembling these components into XML applications which represent business processes. This approach reduces the skills required and increases the flexibility of the resulting solution.

PolarLake allows enterprises to create applications and service components which process FpML documents. Its rules based and component assembly development approach sympathetic to the matching and transformation requirements. Furthermore, the developed applications and service components can be easily integrated into enterprise technologies, such as EJB, COM and messaging middleware supporting JMS. PolarLake is XML schema standard neutral and PolarLake applications can easily process documents from multiple schema standards such as FpML or XBRL as well as Web Services.
Key Features A Java platform for developing FpML processing applications and service components
A 100% pure Java Open, Extensible Standards based platform.
A productive development platform supporting rules based flexible assembly of applications. Rules can be easily generated from standard FpML schemas.
A productive and flexible deployment platform.
A fully distributed and scalable enterprise centric architecture.
Integrates with Enterprise applications based on FpML, other XML schema, J2EE and .Net.
Integrates with Enterprise infrastructure such as databases, messaging middleware systems, internet systems XML Schema standard neutral: can process any XML schema standard including Web Services.
Technical Details Fully featured enterprise class XML platform.
Powerful rules-based processing framework.
Support for enterprise wide deployment and management.
Multithreaded and scalable environment.
Complete process and resource management.
Fully extensible. All system components are extensible including adding parsers and transport.
Full support for the software lifecycle.
PolarLake Designer: a graphical workbench for building PolarLake rules-driven Java applications. Rule definition in XPath.
PolarLake Monitor: a distributed debugging tool that allows XML level debugging of applications complementing Java code-level debugging available in leading Java IDEs.
PolarLake Management Console: a fully featured distributed application and system management system for PolarLake.
An Open Standards based development environment Java/XSLT/BeanShell applications coded using standards. Development process is integrated with leading IDEs: Borland JBuilder, Sun Forte for Java.
Automated creation of Web Service providers from existing Java, EJB and COM components.
Support for creation of Composite Web Services and Web Services consumers with PolarLake adapters handling Web Service specific formats (SOAP and WSDL).
Web server support with supplied servlet.
XML document transmission using: HTTP(S), SMTP, JMS, file system.
Platform support:
Supports any JVM v1.2 and up.
Installation media for: Solaris, Linux, NT/2000.
Compatible with and leverages J2EE platform.
Compatible with COM, integrating native COM components through the COM gateway.
Contact PolarLake Headquarters - Ireland
Tel: +353 (1) 449 1010
Fax: +353 (1) 449 1011
Block F1
East Point Business Park
Dublin 3

PolarLake USA
Tel: +1 (212) 672 1773
Fax: +1 (212) 792 4001
PolarLake USA
39th Floor
245 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10167

PolarLake Japan
Email: japan@polarlake.com
PolarLake Japan
17 Fl. Shibuya Mark City
1-12-1 Dogenzaka
Tokyo 150-0043


bullet Progress Software

Tool Name Progress Artix Data Services
Category Development Tools, Application Components, Service Components
Short Description Progress Artix Data Services is a model-driven financial messaging data interoperability tool that improves developer efficiency while enforcing the validity of data sent between applications. Development and maintenance is simplified making it easy to model, test and deploy reusable services which parse, validate, transform and enrich messages.
Key Features
  • Off the shelf and fully maintained metadata libraries for FpML as well as SWIFTNet FIN, SWIFTSolutions, ISO20022/UNIFI, SEPA, DTCC Deriv/SERV, Markit Wire and other financial services standards
  • Deployable as java objects, Artix Data Services runs in any Java container, such as Sonic ESB, FUSE ESB, JEE application servers, and Spring
  • Provides metadata modeling; acquisition from XML instance documents, DTD/Schema, RDBMS, XMI, flat file instances; and quick and easy specializations and version management
  • Diff/Merge tool speeds time to analyze impact of changes to existing and specialized data models
  • Financial Messaging Validation Services, http://mds.progress.com, are secure, browser-based services developers can use to test and validate message compliance with various financial messaging standards.
Technical Details The Artix Data Services FpML Standards Library is designed to meet the needs of firms transacting derivatives business who need their applications to communicate effectively using the International Swaps and Derivatives Association [ISDA – www.isda.org ] FpML standards [ www.fpml.org ], both intra-firm and externally across the corporate boundary with their external trading partners. Subscription to the FpML Standards Library guarantees that you will be kept right up to date with the latest validation rules as they are published by ISDA. The FpML Standards Library includes:

  • A full set of all published FpML Schema, examples, validation rules, narrative and applicable errata from FpML 1.0 to the current release, from Working Drafts to Final Recommendations.
  • A full implementation of all published constraint validation rules.
  • Full integration with generic code lists for validation against all ISDA published code-lists, and proprietary extensions.

Validation rules are expressed as XPath constraints that are compiled into the Java code components derived from the FpML data models. Any FpML instance document can then be checked for both schema compliance and adherence to the ISDA-originated validation rules as a single operation, or as a precursor to a semantic transformation to some other arbitrary format.

Download Artix Data Services at: www.progress.com/artixdataservices
Contact NA: 1-781-280-4000
LA: 1-305-421-1700
EMEA: +31 10 286 5700
ASIA PACIFIC: +61-2-9919-7100
Email: info@progress.com
Web: www.progress.com/artixdataservices

bullet RCP Consultants Ltd

Tool Name RCP FX STP Suite
Category Application components (trade Entry/ Inspection/Format transformation)
Development Tools (Testing)
Service Components (Validation)
Short Description
Software tools to generate FpML deal tickets in realtime for FX deals traded on market-leading FX trading platforms such as Reuters Dealing 3000, EBS, Currenex, single-bank FX portals, etc. Also application of business-rules to validate FpML data.
Software tools to generate application-specific FX deal tickets in realtime from FpML documents (for example to deliver FpML data to legacy systems).
Software tools to split existing FX ticket data streams so that inhouse FpML development and testing can proceed in parallel with existing back office systems.
Key Features RCP specializes in FX and FX Options technology. Components from RCP's STP Suite are in use in over 100 customer sites in 25 countries. FpML is one of the many data protocols supported as standard and translated by these components.
Technical Details A modular suite of software designed to run on a standard PC running Microsoft NT or Windows 2000. Installed from CD in a few minutes. Don't reinvent your own FX FpML adapters. Call us!

Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
Contact Gavin Smith
Global Markets Business Manager
RCP Consultants
81 Broadway
Didcot, Oxon, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1235 510116
Email: banking-sales@rcp.co.uk

bullet Sonic Software, Inc.

Tool Name Sonic Business Integration Suite includes six component products:
Sonic ESB (enterprise service bus)
Sonic Orchestration Server
Sonic XML Server
Sonic Integration Workbench including Sonic Stylus Studio
Adapters for Sonic ESB
SonicMQ (enterprise messaging)
Category Application Integration and Middleware
Short Description
The Sonic Business Integration Suite is built on the world's first enterprise service bus (ESB). With Sonic, companies can expand integration reach while reducing integration costs to significantly enhance business agility. The Sonic integration suite offers a standards-based distributed infrastructure that reliably and cost-effectively connects applications and orchestrates business processes across the extended enterprise.
Key Features
Standards-Based Application Integration
Distributed Services-Oriented Architecture
Rich Process Modeling and Orchestration
Powerful XML Processing and Storage Services
Innovative Distributed Deployment Infrastructure
Lower Cost Incremental Deployment
Technical Details Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0

US, Canada , & Latin America
Tel: 1 781 999 7000 ( Main )
Tel: 1 781 999 7100 (Sales)
1 866 GET SONIC (1-866-438-7664)
Email: eval@sonicsoftware.com

Europe , Middle East & Africa
Tel: +44 (0) 1753 217000
Email: info-emea@sonicsoftware.com

Asia Pacific
Email: sonic-eval-ap@progress.com

bullet Systinet WASP Server for Java

Tool Name Systinet WASP Server for Java
Category Web Services Infrastructure Software
Short Description Systinet products make it easy to create and deploy secure, high-performance Web services in Java and C.C++.
Key Features Systinet Web Services software is based on industry standards such as XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.
Systinet support XML Schema including FpML, OFX and ACORD.
Technical Details
Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 4.0
Contact Email: sales@systinet.com

bullet Trace Financial

Tool Name Transformer
Category Development Tools, Application Components, Service Components
Short Description Transformer solves the most complex message validation, transformation and enrichment issues for major financial institutions. Its advanced workbench provides developers and business analysts alike with an intuitive solution for dealing with the complexities of FpML messaging. Transformer delivers high-quality, easily maintained results for deployment into practically any technical architecture.
Key Features For message definition:
  • FpML support along with SWIFT, FIX, TRAX, CREST and more - all available as pre-built libraries
  • other standards can be loaded directly from XML schemas
  • proprietary and in-house formats can be defined quickly using reusable components
  • XML representation of non-XML messages

For mapping:
  • strong data typing to automatically handle data format conversions such as dates, financial amounts, etc
  • huge library of mapping functions
  • validation and enrichment rules are easily added
  • access external databases via JDBC for enrichment
  • fully extensible - new functions can be user-developed and integrated into the design workbench

For testing and deployment:
  • dynamic field-level testing of individual mapping actions as soon as they are added
  • regression test facilities pinpoint differences between existing and new versions
  • J2EE / .NET / Web Service / SOA compatible
  • deployment on all standard finance industry platforms; Solaris, Linux, Windows etc.
Technical Details
Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 4.2
  • FpML 4.3
  • FpML 4.4
  • FpML 4.5
  • FpML 4.6
  • FpML 4.7
  • FpML 4.8
  • FpML 4.9
  • FpML 5.0
  • FpML 5.1
  • FpML 5.2
  • FpML 5.5
Contact Address:

Trace Financial Limited
224-232 St John Street
London EC1V 4QR

Email: info@tracefinancial.com

bullet Tradeheader

Tool Name FpML Trader
Category Application Components
Short Description The goal of the FpML Trader is to show the benefits of having a common standard in terms of transaction processing and workflow by building an application that is able to generate and process standard FpML messages.
Key Features
The product supports vanilla interest rate swaps
The process supported is the trade execution advice. The main scenario is the communication between Investment Managers (IM) and Custodians. An IM would send the trade details that it has done with another party to the Custodian Bank. The Custodian Bank needs the trade data in order to manage the IMs accounts.
The application integrates HandCoded’s Toolkit for FpML Processing open source validation rules engine.
Technical Details
Peer-to-Peer communication
J2EE compliant components
Model-Driven Architecture

Supported Version of FpML :

  • FpML 5.0
Contact Email:info@tradeheader.com

bullet Universal Data Interface Corporation

Tool Name TierBroker
Category Application components (Validation, Format transformation, Integration Tool, Enrichment)
Development Tools (Adapter Toolkit)
Short Description TierBroker is a platform-independent processing engine, capable high speed parsing, validation and transformation of complex XML streams. TierBroker can operate in batch or real-time environments and has no external dependencies.
TierBroker provides native connectivity to databases, messaging platforms, files, application APIs, and network protocols. TierBroker applications can also be deployed as SOAP services.
In TierBroker, rules and transformation logic are represented as a combination of XML and script. There is no compiled code!
Key Features High Performance
The TierBroker technology was developed at PriceWaterhouseCoopers over nearly a decade as an integration toolkit for top-tier financial institutions. TierBroker was the product of choice for high-volume ETL applications, with complex and dynamic data transformation requirements.

Today, that legacy of high-performance, high complexity implementations forms the foundation of the TierBroker technology. Robust real-time processing capabilities and finely tuned XML facilities round out TierBroker arsenal of data processing weapons.

Ease of Use
There is no transformation tool on the market that is as easy to us.

Take our download challenge. In 20 minutes, you can download and install TierBroker, and get your first application up and running.

SOAP Capabilities
TierBroker has rich capabilities for processing and serving SOAP and WSDL. TierBroker hosts SOAP services, and automatically generates WSDL. SOAP applications hosted on TierBroker can also process HTTP Get and Post requests without any modification.

XML Based System
TierBroker application source code is XML. Application logic and configuration is done in XML and is then augmented with callouts to scripted logic modules or in-memory database operations (see below). The approach of using XML to store project information results in excellent maintainability and reusability.

TierBroker applications are developed without the need for compiled code. Business logic can be developed in TierBroker Script, a high performance interpreted language. The benefits to this approach are rapid development time, fast learning curves and unparalleled maintainability.

TierBroker Script provides an extensive set of classes aimed and reducing the number of lines of code required to represent complex logic. These classes include, XML node manipulation, XML path traversal, database lookups, calls to external validation services, and error handling.

The tenets of TierBroker script are less lines of code, reusability and performance.

In-memory Database
TierBroker includes an in-memory database. This feature is a high-speed caching mechanism controlled with standard SQL statements. Data can be marshaled into the database at rates in the hundreds of thousands of records per second.

This is a perfect facility for performing operations on large sets of data, like aggregation, joining or matching.

Graphical IDE
TierBroker also offers a graphical development environment. This tool allows developers to create and edit project documents using a combination of text editing and graphical wizards.

The tools also provide visual process previewing for concise and readable documentation.
Technical Details Platforms: Windows, UNIX, Linux (coming soon)
Size: 10 MB

Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 3.0
Contact Universal Data Interface Corporation
95 Wall Street, 21st Floor
New York, NY 10005
Fax: +1 (212) 607 7620
Email: info@udico.com

bullet Valentia Partners

Tool Name FpML Entity Data Model
Category Application components
Service Components
Short Description Valentia Partners have taken FpML and created an Entity Data Model which will enable users to store data in a relational data model in additional to or as a substitute for XML.
Key Features The Entity Data Model incorporates:
  • data types
  • attribute descriptions
Designed and built in ERwin, the model allows flexibility for customer requirements of products and relationships.
Technical Details Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 4.4
Contact Orla Powers:orla.power@valentiapartners.com
Eoghan Hannigan: eoghan.hannigan@valentiapartners.com

bullet Volante Technologies

Tool Name Volante Designer and Volante FpML
Category Application components
Development Tools
Service Components
Short Description Volante Designer and Volante FpML provide support for all asset-classes, products and variants used in derivatives transactions. It can also be used for proprietary message models that are based on FpML.
Key Features
Out-of-the-box ISDA business validations, SWIFTNet FpML validations and connectivity to DTCC

Metadata models are used to represent business logic for connectivity solutions

Code generators convert models into libraries that can be deployed anywhere – in particular on existing platforms. Support for any ESB, Application Server, Message Broker or Workflow Engine. Libraries can also be directly invoked by applications (Java, C++, C#).

Users have complete control over all aspect of message processing – including parsing, validation, transformation, routing, persistence to any DB, exception handling and monitoring.

Dashboard to monitor transactions

Exceptional Performance

Production tested at multiple key installations.
Technical Details Supported Version of FpML :
  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 3.0
  • FpML 4.0
  • FpML 4.1
  • FpML 4.2
  • FpML 4.3
  • FpML 4.4
  • FpML 4.5
  • FpML 4.6
  • FpML 4.7
  • FpML 4.8
  • FpML 4.9
  • FpML 5.0
  • FpML 5.1
  • FpML 5.2
  • FpML 5.3
  • FpML 5.4
Contact Volante Technologies
41 East 11th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212 905 6231
Email: info@volantetech.com

bullet Webswell Inc

Tool Name Webswell financeConnect
Category E-Business (B2B) solution; FpML implementation – advanced content management system; FpML Search and Discovery tool
Short Description Webswell financeConnect is a software platform that allows secure and reliable FpML data interchange between trading partners, archiving of FpML data, classification, cataloging and decomposition of FpML data to allow effective search, reporting and information management.
Key Features FpML Capabilities
  • Archiving – storage of FpML documents in Repository with fine-grain access level control; Repositories can form Repository Federations – a loosely-coupled distributed structures with defined behaviour (replication, federated queries etc.)
  • Classification of FpML data according to defined hierarchical classification schemes (for instance: geographical, product-based, trading party-based, currency-based etc.). This allows “browsing” the data by classification schemes and efficient reporting
  • Cataloging – automated creation of metadata from FpML document. This auxiliary information is used for content-based and FpML object-based searches, complex queries and reporting
  • Multiple interfaces to seamless integration with legacy systems
  • Web-based interface for data access and management
  • Independent of messaging part – FpML part can be used without messaging functionality of Webswell financeConnect

Messaging Capabilities
  • AS2(Applicability Statement2)-based messaging
  • ebXML – based messaging
  • Emphasis on security (ssl channels)
  • Superb reliability (non-repudiation – digital signatures, acknowledgments model, duplication elimination, automated retries in case of failure)
  • Node-to-Node communication or Hub-based topographies easily configurable
  • Easy and quick change management and reconfiguration even in complex multi-party topography
  • Where impossible to establish http/https messaging it is possible to employ email (pop3/smtp) communication, while preserving all reliability features
Technical Details
Supported Version of FpML :

  • FpML 4.2
Contact Webswell, Inc. Website: www.webswell.com
Webswell financeConnect page: http://www.webswell.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=section&id=32&Itemid=78
Email: Mr. Ladislav Urban ladislav.urban@webswell.com

bullet Zeliade Systems

Tool Name Market Rules Components (MRC)
Category Processing of equity, interest rate, and credit options
Short Description For IT departments, Zeliade Systems Market Rules Components (MRC) is a software component for processing market/time/date conventions
Key Features
Guarantees market conventions and date management consistency across the whole processing chain
Frees developers from low-level implementation details
Technical Details In short the product offers:
Comprehensive date and time processing library
Implements the whole range of derivatives market conventions such as date adjustment, rate compounding, and day count fractions
Ready to integrate in a Straight-Through-Processing (STP) environment
Fully extensible C++ library

Supported Version of FpML :

  • FpML 4.1
Contact www.zeliade.com

bullet Zeliade Systems

Tool Name FpML Software Development Kit (SDK)
Category Processing of equity, interest rate, and credit options
Short Description For IT departments, Zeliade Systems FpML Software Development Kit (SDK) is a software component that enables the development of FpML-aware applications as well as the FpML compliancy of legacy applications
Key Features
Shortens the path to achieve Straight-Through-Processing (STP)
Reduces the costs of the flow of information within and across business units
Technical Details In short the product offers:
Object-oriented manipulation of FpML documents
Built-in schema and semantic validation
Fully extensible C++ library

Supported Version of FpML :

  • FpML 4.1
Contact www.zeliade.com