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    A hosted virtual desktop (HVD) is a full, thick-client user environment, which is run as a virtual machine (VM) on a server and accessed remotely. HVD implementations comprise server virtualization software to host desktop software (as a server workload), brokering/session management software to connect users to their desktop environment, and tools for managing the provisioning and maintenance (e.g., updates and patches) of the virtual desktop software stack.
    Advantages of Hosted Virtual Desktop
    Each HVD is a unique desktop PC that can be customized by each user.
    All the data and productivity applications are stored in a central location.
    The user can access the HVD using multiple device platforms.
    All the unique preferences of the user remain safe and stored for retrieval.
    A company does not need to invest in storage for each individual desktop.
    The hardware of an organization does not need to be upgraded regularly.
    A company can greatly reduce the number of IT staff to a bare minimum.

    I hope this information is helpful!
    Lewis Bert

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