FpML Version 4.0 Working Draft, 25 July 2003 Errata

About this document

This document lists the known errata to the FpML Version 4.0 Working Draft.

How this document is organized

Each erratum entry below has the following information:

The following issues are known in the FpML 4.0 Working Draft.

ISO currency code URI needs to be more precise


The default ISO currency code URI does not include any date information. This makes it theoretically impossible to determine which currencies are available for the given document. For example, there is no way to specify whether the list of currencies is before or after the introduction of the Euro.


Under investigation. It is expected that the default currency code URI will be extended to indicate the publication date of the ISO currency list.

Scheme URI inconsistencies


Some FpML default schemes use the "-scheme-" as part of the URI, while others do not.


Because this is not considered to be a serious implementation issue, and because introducing a change is more likely to create issues, the FpML Standards Committee has decided to take no action on this issue.

Error in rate treatment enum documentation



This will be corrected on the next release of this specification.

Last updated on: 22 August, 2003