FpML 5.7 Recommendation #4, 15 July 2015 Errata (Master View)

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    1 About this document
    2 How this document is organized
    3 Issues
    4 Build Number

1 About this document

This document lists the known errata to the FpML 5.7 Recommendation #4, 15 July 2015.

2 How this document is organized

Each erratum entry below has the following information:

The document publishes the build number.

3 Issues

The following issues are known in the FpML 5.7 Recommendation #4, 15 July 2015:

3.1 Implausible combinations of events within messages have been removed in 5.8 WD1

3.2 CDS - FeeLeg was refactored to require at least one type of fee

3.3 CDS - entityName or entityId were made mandatory within LegalEntity.

3.4 Created a mandatory choice of [InitialLevel and initialLevelSource] and initialLevelSource within CalculationFromObservation type

3.5 Deprecated tenderOffer Boolean element in favor of using just tenderOfferEvents within extraordinaryEvents type.

3.6 Grouped into an optional choice elements: futuresPriceValution and optionsPriceValuation within EquityValuation

3.7 Renamed ClassifiedPayment to ClassifiablePayment

3.8 Removed the deprecated nonSchemaProduct from the schema.

3.9 Made fra/indexTenor maxOccurs equals to 2

3.10 Removed the version string from the external coding scheme URIs

3.11 Made observationWeight optional within RateObservation.

3.12 The category element was added to the WithdrawalPartyTradeInformation type.

4 Build Number

The current build number for FpML 5.7 Recommendation #4, 15 July 2015. is: 9

Every time there is a change on the schema, validation rules, or examples within a version the actual build number is incremented. If no changes have been made between releases within a version (i.e. from Trial Recommendation to Recommendation) the actual build number stays the same. The build number is published at:

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