element <endTime> (local)
complex, 2 elements
Content Model Diagram
XML Representation Summary
Content model elements (2):
offset (defined in OffsetPrevailingTime complexType),
time (defined in OffsetPrevailingTime complexType)
Included in content model of elements (1):
settlementPeriods (defined in GenericCommodityAttributes.model group)
Specifies the hour-ending End Time with respect to a range of Settlement Periods. If neither startTime nor endTime contain an offset element and endTime is earlier than startTime, this indicates that the time period "wraps around" midnight. For example, if startTime is 23:00 and endTime is 01:00 then Settlement Periods apply from 00:00 to 01:00 and 23:00 to 00:00 on each included day.
XML Source (w/o annotations (1); see within schema source)
<xsd:element name="endTime" type="OffsetPrevailingTime"/>

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