element <referenceEntity> (local)
complex, 1 attribute, 3 elements
Content Model Diagram
XML Representation Summary
Content model elements (3):
entityId (defined in LegalEntity complexType),
entityId (defined in LegalEntity complexType),
Included in content model of elements (1):
underlyer (defined in GenericProduct complexType)
The corporate or sovereign entity on which you are buying or selling protection and any successor that assumes all or substantially all of its contractual and other obligations. It is vital to use the correct legal name of the entity and to be careful not to choose a subsidiary if you really want to trade protection on a parent company. Please note, Reference Entities cannot be senior or subordinated. It is the obligations of the Reference Entities that can be senior or subordinated. ISDA 2003 Term: Reference Entity
XML Source (w/o annotations (1); see within schema source)
<xsd:element name="referenceEntity" type="LegalEntity"/>

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