C24 Technologies


C24 Integration Objects (C24-iO)


C24 Integration Objects is a data modeling, meta-data management, transformation, and messaging integration toolkit based on Java data binding technology with comprehensive support for over 40 industry standards including FpML, SWIFTNet Derivatives, MarkitSERV, SWIFT MT/MX, ISO 20022, and FIX.

Key Features

  • C24-iO Studio is a graphical, model-driven IDE. Data models can be quickly created or imported, versioned, specialized, differenced and merged, saving time and money in deploying FpML integration solutions.
  • Deployable as Java objects, C24-iO solutions run in any Java framework container, such as Spring and J2EE application servers.
  • Provides meta-data modeling with acquisition from Excel files, XML Schema Documents (XSD), XML Document Type Definitions (DTD), Web Service Definition Language (WSDL), XML instance documents, text files, relational databases, Java classes, OASIS RELAX-NG.
  • Diff/Merge tool speeds time to analyze impact of changes to existing and specialized data models.
  • Pre-built and maintained standards libraries for FpML and over 40 industry messaging standards are provided. Each library provides support for message syntax, validation rules, test cases of valid and invalid data, and a service level guarantee.
  • Ability to extend and specialize base standards for internal normalized canonical super-models
  • Support for common ESB and queuing platforms such as Mule, and FUSE
  • Support for caching/memory grid technologies such as Gemfire, Gigaspaces, Ehcache, Coherence, Redis
  • Support for NoSQL implementations such as MongoDB, MarkLogic, Couchbase
  • Support for FpML 5.x Confirmation View, Reporting View, Transparency View, and Recordkeeping View.

Technical Details

The C24-iO FpML Standards Library is designed to meet the needs of firms transacting derivatives business who need their applications to communicate effectively using ISDA FpML standards, both intra-firm and externally across the corporate boundary with their external trading partners. The FpML Standards Library includes:

  • A full set of FpML Schema, examples, validation rules, deprecations, narrative and applicable errata.
  • A full implementation of all constraint validation rules.
  • Full integration with generic code lists for validation against all ISDA published code-lists, and proprietary extensions.

Validation rules are expressed as XPath constraints that are compiled into the Java code components derived from the FpML data models. Any FpML instance document can then be checked for both schema compliance and adherence to the ISDA-originated validation rules as a single operation, or as a precursor to a semantic transformation to another arbitrary format.

Supported Versions of FpML

FpML 1.0
FpML 2.0
FpML 3.0
FpML 4.0
FpML 4.1
FpML 4.2
FpML 4.3
FpML 4.4
FpML 4.5
FpML 4.9
FpML 5.3
FpML 5.4
FpML 5.5
FpML 5.6