HandCoded Software Ltd.


Toolkit for FpML Processing


The HandCoded Toolkit for FpML processing provides a core set of functions for manipulating FpML documents, including a high performance implementation of the FpML business rules for validation and inter-version conversion.

Key Features

  • Low cost Java and C# toolkit providing FpML related document processing using standard open technology.
  • Efficient implementation of FpML business rule validation including enhancements for older DTD based documents and schemes.
  • Automatic conversion of FpML documents from earlier to later releases
  • Extendable financial product identificiation and classification

Technical Details

The HandCoded Toolkit is available in both Java and C# varieties, both containing the same core functions for FpML document validation and conversion. Designed for high performance the toolkits use standard programming languages and runtime APIs along with a object-orient framework that allow easy development and maintenance of custom user rule sets or conversions. In addition implementing the standard FpML business rules for FpML 4.0 and 4.1 the toolkit applies appropriate rules to previous releases of FpML and provides strict data type validation for DTD based documents. A set of user customizable data files are provided to allow all the standard 'scheme' code values to be validated during processing and the toolkit can be attached to local data sources for further party and security code checking. Toolkit functionality can be easily integrated into existing applications or with a minimum amount of code and the functions are compatible with all the releases of FpML from 1.0 to the latest working draft. A demonstration application that illustrates the validation and conversion capabilities of the toolkit is available from the HandCoded website (see http://www.handcoded.com).