element <remainingParty> (local)
empty, 1 attribute
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A pointer style reference to a party identifier defined elsewhere in the document. In a three-way novation the party referenced is the Remaining Party in the novation. Remaining Party means a party which consents to a Transferor's transfer by novation and the acceptance thereof by the Transferee of all of the Transferor's rights, liabilities, duties and obligations with respect to such Remaining Party under and with respect of the Novated Amount of a transaction. In a four-way novation the party referenced is Transferor 2 per the ISDA definition and acts in the role of a Transferor. Transferor 2 transfers by novation to Transferee 2 all of its rights, liabilities, duties and obligations with respect to Transferor 1. ISDA 2004 Novation Term: Remaining Party (three-way novation) or Transferor 2 (four-way novation).
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<xsd:element name="remainingParty" type="PartyReference"/>

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