simpleType "CommodityDayTypeEnum"
globally in fpml-enum-5-8.xsd; see XML source
Simple Content Model
("Business" | "Calendar" | "CommodityBusiness" | "CurrencyBusiness" | "ExchangeBusiness" | "ScheduledTradingDay") | ("GasFlow" | "NearbyContractDay")
All Direct / Indirect Based Elements (1):
dayType (defined in Days.model group)
Known Usage Locations
A day type classification used in counting the number of days between two dates for a commodity transaction.
Type Definition Detail
Type Derivation Tree
union of (DayTypeEnum | restriction of Token)
by union
Member Types
  1. anonymous simpleType:
    restriction of Token
    When calculating the number of days between two dates the count includes only gas flow days (dates on which gas is delivered).
    The days that are starting from the end of the prior nearby futures/option contract through the nearby futures/option contract as specified in the message. For example: If referring to the Z21 WTI contract, first day of this type will be 21-Oct-21 and the last day of this type will be 19-Nov-21.
XML Source (w/o annotations (3); see within schema source)
<xsd:simpleType name="CommodityDayTypeEnum">
<xsd:union memberTypes="DayTypeEnum">
<xsd:restriction base="Token">
<xsd:enumeration value="GasFlow"/>
<xsd:enumeration value="NearbyContractDay"/>

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