element <composite> (local)
complex, 3 elements
Content Model Diagram
XML Representation Summary
Content model elements (3):
determinationMethod (defined in Composite complexType),
fxSpotRateSource (defined in Composite complexType),
relativeDate (defined in Composite complexType)
Included in content model of elements (4):
fxFeature (defined in DirectionalLegUnderlyer complexType),
fxFeature (defined in Feature.model group),
fxFeature (in feature defined in OptionBaseExtended complexType),
fxFeature (in returnLeg)
If “Composite” is specified as the Settlement Type in the relevant Transaction Supplement, an amount in the Settlement Currency, determined by the Calculation Agent as being equal to the number of Options exercised or deemed exercised, multiplied by: (Settlement Price – Strike Price) / (Strike Price – Settlement Price) x Multiplier provided that if the above is equal to a negative amount the Option Cash Settlement Amount shall be deemed to be zero.
XML Source (w/o annotations (1); see within schema source)
<xsd:element name="composite" type="Composite"/>

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