FpML 5.8 Recommendation, 26 July 2016 Errata (Master View)

Table Of Contents

    1 About this document
    2 How this document is organized
    3 Issues
    4 Build Number

1 About this document

This document lists the known errata to the FpML 5.8 Recommendation, 26 July 2016.

2 How this document is organized

Each erratum entry below has the following information:

The document publishes the build number.

3 Issues

The following issues are known in the FpML 5.8 Recommendation, 26 July 2016:

3.1 Created a mandatory choice of [InitialLevel and initialLevelSource] and initialLevelSource within CalculationFromObservation type

3.2 Deprecated tenderOffer Boolean element in favor of using just tenderOfferEvents within extraordinaryEvents type.

3.3 Grouped into an optional choice elements: futuresPriceValution and optionsPriceValuation within EquityValuation

3.4 Renamed ClassifiedPayment to ClassifiablePayment

3.5 FxAccrualRegion required for most of the views.

3.6 Adding back the ETTF/FpML-FIX Collaboration Working Group models for Interest Rate Swap and Credit Default Swap results in non-backward compatible changes in the pre-trade view.

3.7 Removed the deprecated nonSchemaProduct from the schema.

3.8 Made fra/indexTenor maxOccurs equals to 2

3.9 Removed the version string from the external coding scheme URIs

3.10 Changes in the Syndicated Loans Schema

3.11 Made observationWeight optional within RateObservation.

3.12 The category element was added to the WithdrawalPartyTradeInformation type.

4 Build Number

The current build number for FpML 5.8 Recommendation, 26 July 2016. is: 9

Every time there is a change on the schema, validation rules, or examples within a version the actual build number is incremented. If no changes have been made between releases within a version (i.e. from Trial Recommendation to Recommendation) the actual build number stays the same. The build number is published at:

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