element <physicalSettlementPeriod> (local)
complex, 3 elements
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The number of business days used in the determination of the physical settlement date. The physical settlement date is this number of business days after all applicable conditions to settlement are satisfied. If a number of business days is not specified fallback provisions apply for determining the number of business days. If Section 8.5/8.6 of the 1999/2003 ISDA Definitions are to apply the businessDaysNotSpecified element should be included. If a specified number of business days are to apply these should be specified in the businessDays element. If Section 8.5/8.6 of the 1999/2003 ISDA Definitions are to apply but capped at a maximum number of business days then the maximum number should be specified in the maximumBusinessDays element. ISDA 2003 Term: Physical Settlement Period
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<xsd:element minOccurs="0" name="physicalSettlementPeriod" type="PhysicalSettlementPeriod"/>

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