October 3, 2018

FpML Publishes Guidelines on FpML to JSON Conversion

ISDA Publishes FpML Paper on FpML to JSON Conversion

Recently, the FpML community has seen an increased use of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) encoding based on FpML models. Today ISDA published an FpML paper with guidelines on FpML to JSON conversion. The purpose of this paper is to provide mapping guidelines for the conversion of FpML messages to JSON. The paper discusses different aspects of such a conversion, including the use of JSON versus JSON schema, the practicality of a round trip conversion and the pros and cons of conversion at the schema level versus at the level of the instance document. In the second part a set of guidelines are provided on how to implement such a conversion. The paper is available at:

As a next step, the FpML Architecture Working Group (AWG) is developing an actual JSON reference implementation based on these guidelines. The AWG encourages continued feedback on the paper and the principles laid out. Comments can be sent to: awgchair@fpml.org Thank you, FpML Team