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1292Represent Accumulators and Decumulators as productsMar 15, 202303/15/2023NoneNormalnew
1291Clarify FormulaComponent/@nameMar 06, 202303/06/2023NoneNormalnew
1290PricingStructureReference – Replace attributes with elements.Mar 06, 202303/06/2023NoneNormalnew
1289Deprecate Valuation/@definitionRefMar 06, 202303/06/2023NoneNormalnew
1288RateReference should be based on ReferenceMar 06, 202303/06/2023NoneNormalnew
1287Calculation Parameters Section with Reset Dates SectionMar 03, 202303/05/2023NoneHighnew
1286Attributes SHOULD be associated with a global typeFeb 22, 202302/28/2023NoneNormalnew
1285Support for CMS tenor spread for cap/floor and swapFeb 15, 202302/15/2023NoneNormalnew
1284All elements MUST be associated with a globally defined typeFeb 06, 202302/06/2023NoneNormalnew
1282dateRelativeTo href=”europeanExercise0″ / inside of relevantUnderlyingDateNov 16, 202202/15/2023NoneHighnew
1281PremiumAmountNov 04, 202202/15/2023NoneUrgentnew
1279Reset frequency for OISOct 19, 202203/01/2023NoneHighnew
1278Request for additional examples OISOct 12, 202203/01/2023NoneUrgentnew
1274Contractual Definitions needs to support versioningFeb 18, 202202/18/2022NoneHighnew
1271Fx- Asian FeatureJul 01, 202102/17/2023NoneNormalconfirmed
1097String components of Address have insufficently restrictive typesMar 21, 201209/06/2019mgratacosHighconfirmed
1031Interpolated stub rate definition is too complexNov 15, 201007/01/2020h_mcallisterNormalassigned
1027Normalizing FpML Settlement Information across all FpML products and processesNov 03, 201009/21/2015mgratacosNormalassigned
1026Normalizing all FpML payment typesNov 02, 201009/21/2015mgratacosNormalassigned
997Refactor ExerciseProcedure typeDec 30, 200910/27/2020mgratacosNormalconfirmed
942CD ConditionsJun 10, 200901/24/2020andrewNormalassigned
904Business Day Convention – NotApplicableJan 09, 200908/01/2019mgratacosNormalconfirmed
900Digital CapFloor ProposalDec 31, 200802/15/2023h_mcallisterNormalassigned
760[fixingDates] should have [relativeDates] not [relativeDate]Jun 16, 200809/21/2015apparryNormalassigned
541IRD swaption model use the new generic option modelJan 07, 200809/21/2015h_mcallisterNormalassigned
540Short form products are modeled differently in different areasJan 07, 200809/21/2015apparryNormalassigned
539equityOption model should use the new generic option modelJan 04, 200809/21/2015apparryNormalassigned
527Consolidate singlePayment and initialPayment into one type with multiple cardinality and explicit directionality.Dec 07, 200709/21/2015benjlisNormalassigned
526Standardize payment and premium structures.Dec 07, 200709/21/2015mgratacosNormalassigned
390Provide the ability to unmatchJul 12, 200702/24/2020mgratacosNormalassigned
358Remove uses of DateReference and replace with a direct linkApr 05, 200703/12/2020mgratacosNormalassigned
295Factor exerciseFeb 07, 200706/12/2020apparryNormalassigned
282Add an identifier base typeFeb 01, 200706/12/2020mgratacosNormalassigned
254paymentAmount should be renamed amountOct 31, 200609/21/2015mgratacosNormalassigned
240Version Identification: Guidelines are needed.Oct 18, 200606/12/2020BrianLynnNormalassigned