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About FpML® Specifications

As described in the Standards Approval Process document, FpML publishes several types of technical reports:

  • Recommendation
    • A Recommendation is work that represents consensus within the FpML community and has the Standards Committee stamp of approval. The Standards Committee considers that the ideas or technology specified by a Recommendation are appropriate for widespread deployment and that they promote the mission of FpML.
  • Trial Recommendation
    • A Trial Recommendation is a stable Working Draft that the Standards Committee has proposed to the community for experimental implementation and feedback.
  • Last Call Working Draft
    • A Last Call Working Draft is a special instance of a Working Draft that is considered by the Working Group to meet the requirements of its charter. It is published to solicit review from at least all dependent Working Groups and other interested parties. The Standards Committee must approve the advancement of a Working Draft to a Last Call stage. The duration of the Last Call review period is listed in the status section of the document.
  • Working Draft
    • A Working Draft generally represents work in progress and a commitment by ISDA to pursue work in a particular area. The label “Working Draft” does not imply consensus within the FpML community about the document.

Most Recent Specifications by FpML® Version

FpML Coding Schemes

Enhanced version of the Coding Scheme Definitions with full metadata is distributed via ISDA Book Store

Architecture Specification

Co-Existence between 4.x and 5.x

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