FpML® Services: Consulting and Training

FpML® Services: Consulting

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Through its FpML services, ISDA provides consultancy to members and non members to facilitate their use of FpML. Examples of services are:

  • Review of implementations to evaluate how FpML compliant they are and provide advice to improve compliancy.
  • Provide advice on how to get started with FpML. This can be in the form of providing help with the specifications themselves, provide information on existing tools, or provide information on the necessary knowledge and references to existing implementations and experiences.
  • Provide advice on what exists currently in the market with regard to FpML.
  • Help evaluate existing implementations and architecture and provide advice on the role FpML can play.
  • Provide sample libraries based on Java binding technology in order to generate valid FpML documents.

Recent Engagements:

  • Consulting for the development of a trade repository and reporting service based on FpML in Asia. Project included the review of the repository design and functionality, product data representation, reporting specification via CSV and FpML, creation of testing scenarios and test data. Training of the development team and testers in FpML.
  • We advised a central bank on the strategy for implementing a Service Oriented Architecture.
  • We delivered documentation and examples to several clients (global banks, asset managers, and custodians), describing internal messaging based on FpML to cover new messages, securities, and structured products.
  • We delivered a set of templates to an asset manager in order to facilitate the population of a fully compliant FpML message identifying required, defaulted, and derived fields. Templates included legal and market practice defaults and covered a wide range of derivatives products.
  • We advised a global bank on the strategy for implementing an internal messaging based on FpML to cover transaction information and valuations across multiple systems.
  • We advised an asset manager on the data mapping between front-office systems and FpML for Vanilla Interest Rate Swaps, Credit Default Swaps, and CDX indices.

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FpML® Services: Training

FpML services” provides customized training around all FpML aspects. Training ranges from an introduction to FpML to detailed training in particular areas such as regulatory reporting, or specific asset classes. The services training can be given on-site and be fitted within the clients’ schedule. It complements our offering of regular basic training courses in New York and London.. Depending on the location we also offer training through video conferencing or webcasts. This is a particular valuable way of training for smaller groups or groups in more remote locations. In these instances cost of travel would otherwise significantly increase the overall training cost. Recent Engagements:

  • A tailored FpML training course to several clients (central banks, global and regional banks, asset managers, and custodians), including coverage of Credit, Interest Rate, Equity, and FX Derivatives.
  • Atailored hands-on training course for extending FpML to several clients (global banks, asset managers, and custodians) including customized modeling of new messages, securities, and structured products.


For more information on the FpML services, contact services@fpml.org

Primary: +44 (0)20 3808 9700, Secondary: +44 020 3287 1545