Standards Committee

Standards Committee Mandate

The two primary objectives of the Standards Committee are:
  • To implement the strategy set out by the ISDA Technology Advisory Board, by defining and maintaining the FpML standard, as well as evolving the FpML standard to meet future business needs, including changes to cover more products or support additional business services. Appropriate Working Groups will be established to accomplish this.
  • To review (and subsequently accept or reject) changes that are proposed by Working Groups.
The Committee is also responsible for making the standard available to the general public and releasing new versions. Please refer to the Standards Committee Rules of Operation in the Documents section for more details.

Standards Committee Members

Andrew Jacobs (HSBC)

Aqil Khan (Goldman Sachs)

Brian Lynn (Global Electronic Markets)

Brian Manning (State Street)

Catherine O'Neill (Credit Suisse)

David Van Dyke (BAML)

Dejan Polomcic (Deutsche Bank)

Guoji Lin (bloomberg)

Guy Gurden (IHS Markit)

Harry McAllister (BNP Paribas - Chair)

Hiten Patel (Morgan Stanley)

Jason Brasile (State Street)

Jean-Christophe Robert (Societe Generale)

Karel Engelen (ISDA)

Niranjana Sharma (CME)

Oscar Rodriguez (LCH)

Peter Garratt (DTCC)

Peter Kellner (ICE)

Simon Jones (Nomura)

Sanjeev Shah (Jefferies)

Stephen Kimbleton (Citi)

Steve Turner (J.P.Morgan)

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