November 30, 2022

ISDA publishes FpML 5.13 First Working Draft (build 1)

NEW YORK, November 30, 2022 - The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) published the First Working Draft for Financial products Markup Language (FpML) version 5.13 and a new set of Coding Schemes version 2-11.


FpML 5.13 WD1 is available at and includes the following changes compared to the previous version 5.12 REC published September 2021.

  • Cross Asset Class Product Work - Interest Rate Work Stream:
    • Added new examples for inflation swaps in Brazil and Chile, and a total return swaps with calculation parameters.
  • Documentation - Equity Products:
    • Added CFD and Portfolio Swap in the scope definition.
  • Documentation - Business Process:
    • Added Change Events section in Business Process Architecture.
  • Architecture Business Process Work
    • New support for Credit Events:
      • Added complex type CreditChangeEventBase.
      • Added Added complex type CreditChangeEvent.
      • Cardinality of element payment in complex type TradeChangeComponent set to unbounded.
      • Added element creditChangeEvent.
      • Added complex type CreditEventType.
      • Added simple type CashOrPhysicalSettlementEnum.
      • Added complex type CreditEventIndexReferenceInformation.
  • Regulatory Reporting: support for CFTC Rules Rewrite
    • 5.13 WD1 is the version that regulatory reporting implementations can use, as far as complete CFTC Rewrite support is concerned.
    • Schema changes:
      • Added element postPricedIndicator into ReportingRegime complex type (transparency view).
      • Added group EndUserException.model, containing previous choice structure.
      • Cardinality for endUserExceptionReason in EndUserException.model changed to unbounded.
      • Choice structures containing endUserException, endUserExceptionReason and endUserExceptionDeclaration replaced by EndUserException.model.
      • Added EndUserException.model to ReportingRegime complex type to make it jurisdiction specific.
      • Deprecated EndUserException.model from type PartyTradeInformation.
      • Updated the description of the element submittedForClearing in type TradeProcessingTimestamps.
    • Additional CFTC fields supported with this version (in addition to all the fields previously available in FpML 5.12)
      • Support for CFTC fields 23/24 - Counterparty federal entity indicator (recommend using party/organizationType).
      • Support for CFTC fields 16/17 - Counterparty financial entity indicator (recommend using reportingRegime/partyEntityClassification).
      • Support for CFTC field 68 - Post-priced swap indicator (existing partyTradeInformation field made available in Transparency view).
      • Support for CFTC fields 11/12 - Clearing exceptions and exemptions counterparty (copied endUserExceptionReason structure inside reportingRegime, made endUserExceptionReason unbounded, deprecated the choice group in partyTradeInformation, in favor of the new structure in reportingRegime).
      • Support for CFTC field 47 - Package price (recommend using quote structure).
      • Support for CFTC field 10 - Clearing receipt timestamp (recommend using partyTradeInformation/timestamps/submittedForClearing).
      • Support for TR field to support CFTC - SD / MSP indicator (recommend using party/organizationType).
    • Set of examples:
      • See Recordkeeping view examples/products/record-ex654 through record-ex659.
      • See Transparency view examples/products/trans_ex43_cftc_rewrite_post_priced_indicator.xml



New Coding Schemes Catalog 2-11

ISDA has also published a new basic and enhanced coding-scheme catalog versions 2-11.



FpML is the industry standard for derivatives and complex products. A recommendation is the final step in the development process of a version. The latest version of the open-source standard is available on the FpML website:


FpML Team