November 17, 2020

ISDA releases version 1.0 of Regulatory Reporting Analysis App

ISDA is pleased to announce version 1.0 of the Regulatory Reporting Analysis App. The app has been available for beta testing for the past year and has received very positive feedback.

  • What it is?

    • The "Regulatory Reporting Analysis App" is an ISDA application that allows users to query analysis of regulatory reporting data fields from global regulators. Version 1.0 includes the recent CFTC amendments to Part 43 and Part 45 published in September.

  • Things you can do

    • Search for data fields from all regulations (CFTC Part 43, 45, EMIR, MIFIR, CSA, MAS, ASIC, CPMI-IOSCO CDEs, Bank of Israel, etc.)

    • Filter CFTC and ESMA regulations (including historical versions, e.g. Part 43/45 original vs 2019 vs 2020, EMIR vs EMIR REFIT)

    • Filter on the lifecycle category (e.g. all the fields related to Collateral or Settlement)

    • You don't need to know the exact field name. You can search using synonyms

    • Perform complex queries:

      • Show all the new fields in the CFTC (2020) final since the original (2012) version

      • Show all the REFIT (2020) fields also in MIFIR

      • Show the mapping of regulatory fields to FpML

  • Where can I find it?

  • Who updates it?