FpML 5.10a Last Call Working Draft

FpML 5.10a Last Call Working Draft

December 15, 2017 - Build 1

Version 5.10a is a parallel version to 5.10. It contains a redesigned reporting process that, if adopted, would provide the following benefits: - simplify the submission and updating process for reporting parties, and reduce implementation effort - simplify internal processes for trade repositories (such as mapping and validation) and thereby reduce cost, - more closely align with requirements from regulators, reducing errors and uncertainties in reporting to regulators, and - improve data quality overall, and reduces systemic risk in the market. The Standards Committee is publishing this new, redesigned regulatory reporting view for feedback. Publishing the work in parallel version 5.10a provides a way for firms interested in the redesign work to implement an official, supported version of the standard. Publication as a version (as opposed to a working group proposal) gives the work an official status as a relatively stable version ready for implementation feedback, but does not necessarily commit the Standards Committee to advance the work on any particular schedule. It also allows the regulatory reporting processes to evolve independently of the main standard, on a separate timeline, which will be useful as this framework is evaluated by the industry and refined during implementation experience. Version 5.10a may possibly be rolled back into the main version once the work has been proven useful by the industry and tested by implementers. Send feedback to rptwgchair@fpml.org

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