January 16, 2020

ISDA has republished the Recommendation for FpML version 5.11 (Build#7)

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) has republished the Recommendation for Financial products Markup Language (FpML) version 5.11. The Recommendation (build 7) includes fixes based on the feedback provided. FpML 5.11 (Build 7) Fixes
  • The build number was fixed to correspond to the Recommendation publication
  • Removed 255 character limit from “description” used in “Reason” complex type.
The FpML 5.11 Recommendation is available on the FpML website in the Specifications section at: https://www.fpml.org/spec/fpml-5-11-7-rec-1/ Note: Since this publication only includes fixes, its date and version remain the same as the previous publication of 5.11 REC. The previous publication of 5.11 REC (published December 16) was removed due to the incorrect build #, to prevent external implementation issues. FpML 5.11 Highlights The main enhancements compared to version 5.10 are:
  • Regulatory Reporting Redesign (Recordkeeping and Transparency Views)
  • Added support for Securities Lending
  • SFTR coverage for Securities Lending and Repos
  • Refactoring of syndicated loan processes and notifications. Redefined business validation rules (Confirmation View)
  • Support for Inflation Rate linked Asset Swap product as an extension of the Inflation Rate model.
Changes in version 5.11 Recommendation compared to FpML 5.11 Trial Recommendation (published October 31, 2019):
  • Further enhancements to the Repo product to support SFTR reporting
  • Updated the Repo and Security Lending documentation
  • Updated the FpML to SFTR fields mapping
  • Added a new set of Interest Rate Derivatives confirmation examples
  • Streamlined the Syndicated Loans documentation to HTML format.
A more detailed overview of the changes in version 5.11 can be found in Section 18 of the online documentation. Thank you, The FpML Team