March 25, 2019

Publication of FpML Set of Coding Schemes – Catalog Version 1.106

Publication of FpML Set of Coding Schemes –  Catalog Version 1.106

A new Set of FpML Coding Schemes - Catalog Version 1.106 - has been published on March 25, 2019.

The new version includes the following changes compared with the previous Set of FpML Coding Scheme - Catalog Version 1.105 published 25 January 2019:

The following coding schemes have been updated:
  • instrumentIdScheme
  • eventTypeScheme
    • Contains a code representing an event type. The type of event is indicated by a structured code value. The first part of the code indicates the general action while subsequent parts provide the specific context. Some codes signal that the trade has reached an "end of life" state where we not normally expect to see any further activity once any final settlements have occurred. This new event classification is associated with the Reporting Redesign Work available in FpML version 5.11 Recordkeeping View.
    • Added new values: (see the coding scheme for complete definitions)
      • Allocation:Full
      • Allocation:Partial
      • Cancel:BarrierStrike
      • Cancel:Error
      • Cancel:Legal
      • Cancel:Withdrawal
      • Cancel:Rebooking
      • Clear
      • Compression
      • Exercise:Full
      • Exercise:Partial
      • Expiry
      • Inception:Allocation
      • Inception:Clear
      • Inception:Compression
      • Inception:Exercise
      • Inception:NewTrade
      • Inception:Novation
      • Inception:Rebooking
      • Maturity
      • Modification:BarrierStrike
      • Modification:BasketChange
      • Modification:CorporateAction
      • Modification:CreditEvent
      • Modification:IndexChange
      • Modification:Legal
      • Modification:Reset
      • Modification:Other
      • Novation:Full
      • Novation:Full:StepOut
      • Novation:Partial
      • Regulatory:Change
      • Termination:Full
      • Termination:Partial
    • Updated definitions:
      • Amendment - A negotiated change to the terms of a trade.
      • Increase - The negotiated modification of a trade in which it size (notional, number of option, volume, etc.) is increased.
    • Deprecated values in favor of the new classification (Some values have been renamed, or rolled in into a hierarchical container. See the coding scheme for details.)
      • Allocation
      • BasketChange
      • Cleared
      • Clearing
      • CorporateAction
      • Exercise
      • Expiration
      • IndexChange
      • Novation
      • Reset
      • Trade
      • Valuation
      • Withdrawal
    • Source: FpML
    • Increased version from 1-2 to 2-0
    • Publication date: 2019-03-25
  • pretradePartyRoleScheme
    • Removed status: "working-draft". This coding scheme was implemented in FpML 5-10
The following new coding scheme has been added:
  • linkTypeScheme
    • Qualifies the link identifier, allowing the trade to be associated with other related trades. For new implementations, the use of the "linkedTrade" element is preferred. (See the coding scheme for details. )
    • Source: FpML
    • Initial version: 1-0 (Status: Working Draft)
    • Publication date: 2019-03-25
The following coding scheme has been deprecated (since 2019-01-25):
    • The CFTC Commodity Reference Price coding scheme is DEPRECATED in first instance and ultimately, after 1 year period (on January 25, 2020), will be removed from the coding scheme archive on the FpML website. The 1 year deprecation period allows the industry to act on the pending removal which we will reconsider upon request during the deprecation period. Rationale for deprecation/removal: The external CFTC commodityReferencePriceScheme is a combination of the internal ISDA/FpML commodityReferencePriceScheme and the external CRP commodityCodeScheme. Keeping the scheme up-to-date requires constant synchronization and verification with the other two schemes. In addition, the different commodity code schemes seem to create confusion for implementers. Removing the CFTC commodityReferencePriceScheme simplifies the commodity code scheme structure.
    • Source: CFTC
    • Publication date: 2019-01-25
  • CFTC commodityCodeScheme
    • Updated scheme's description to say: "Contains a code representing a CFTC Part 20 covered commodity. The CFTC Part 20 Large Trader Reporting for Physical Commodity Swaps guidebook can be found on - Note: FpML defines the coding scheme, but the values are defined by an external source. The source of each value indicates the organization that defines it (e.g. CFTC, FpML)."
    • Added CFTC description to each CFTC code.
    • Changed the source from "FpML" to "CFTC" for all CFTC commodity codes.
    • No version change.

The FpML Set of Coding Schemes can be found on the FpML website in the Specifications section at:


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