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GemDelta - FpML Comparison Tools, GemScribe - FpML Viewer/Editor, GemVault - FpML trade Archive, FpML Mediator


GemDelta is a tool for comparing FpML documents. We are currently offering a version integrated with GemScribe, our FpML viewer/editor.

Key Features

GemDelta performs a configurable, heuristically guided match between trades, reporting only meaningful differences. It categorizes differences by type, and generates an overall match quality score. When integrated with GemScribe, GemDelta is IE 5+ based and runs entirely within the browser. No applets or ActiveX controls are required. It supports easy match customization using configuration files. It generates output in the form of HTML displays and highlighted views of the original trade display. When packaged as a standalone product, it can run from the command line or as a server process on Unix or Windows platforms. GemScribe is IE 5+ based and runs entirely within the browser. No applets or ActiveX controls are required. It supports easy customization using template-driven layouts and XML formats, and CSS stylesheets for customizing look and feel. GemScribe can read FpML files from the Internet or from the local file system, or can create new FpML files from template deals. It can save FpML files to the local file system or to a web server. GemVault is based on the Apache HTTP server, Open SSL, BerkeleyDB, and mod_perl. It provides an efficient way to store large numbers of FpML documents, and to index and retrieve the documents. Features include "find a trade like this" and portfolio matching, for quickly matching trades in a portfolio supplied by a partner to existing trades in the archive. It integrates with GemScribe, for displaying trades, and GemDelta, for comparing different versions of trades (either from different sources or at different times.). FpML Mediator is an advanced FpML validation, matching and reconciliation engine. It is entirely rule driven, enabling the business to control which business rules to apply, which elements should be matched, which sensitivities should be applied, and where optional matches are desired. FpML Mediator supports all FpML products and versions, and can reconcile trades of different versions. FpML Mediator can support both intra-day matching for new activity, and periodic batch processing of large trade inventories.

Technical Details

Java based components J2EE compliant components

Supported Versions of FpML

FpML 1.0
FpML 2.0
FpML 3.0