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Liquid Technologies XML Data Binding Wizard


Our XML Data Binding Wizard will produce a set of simple wrapper classes based on the FpML schemas. These classes have simple strongly typed properties corresponding to the elements and attributes in the schema. These Object Oriented classes then make it simple to read and write FpML documents. This removes a significant amount of code you normally have to write yourself, increasing productivity & reliability, making your code more readable & maintainable, while removing the need to have in-depth knowledge of XML and XSDs etc.

Key Features

Because FpML is quite a complex schema, without expert knowledge of XSDs it is easy to create invalid XML documents. Our product prevents this, and removes the need to waste time and effort trying to understand the more ambiguous sides of the W3Cs XSD standard. Supported Languages : C#, Java, Visual Basic 5/6, C++ (cross platform) Supported Schemas : XSD, XDR, Dtd A full set of HTML documentation is also generated along with the code, making it even easier to use.

Supported Versions of FpML

FpML 1.0
FpML 2.0
FpML 3.0
FpML 4.0
FpML 4.1
FpML 5.0