Mark Logic Corporation


MarkLogic Server


MarkLogic Server is an enterprise class XML content platform that provides true multi-TB scalability, built-in clustering over HTTP, a complete implementation of XQuery, automatic-indexing of any XML, and support for multiple schemas simultaneously. Major banks use MarkLogic to store FpML and other XML trade standards in a consolidated repository that provides predictable scalability and high-volume transaction processing.

Key Features

  • Multi-TB Scalability on commodity hardware
  • Support for XQuery, WebDAV, XPath 2.0, XML Schema, and other relevant standards.
  • Automatic indexing of XML values and structure in a universal index.
  • Integration over HTTP, .NET, and Java.
  • Support for node-level updates.
  • Alerting functionality supports notification, routing, or other processing of inbound documents to sophisticated queries.

Technical Details

  • FpML 1.0
  • FpML 2.0
  • FpML 3.0
  • FpML 4.0
  • FpML 4.1
  • FpML 4.2
  • FpML 4.3