Trace Financial




Transformer solves the most complex message validation, transformation and enrichment issues for major financial institutions. Its advanced workbench provides developers and business analysts alike with an intuitive solution for dealing with the complexities of FpML messaging. Transformer delivers high-quality, easily maintained results for deployment into practically any technical architecture.

Key Features

For message definition:
  • FpML support along with SWIFT, FIX, TRAX, CREST and more - all available as pre-built libraries
  • other standards can be loaded directly from XML schemas
  • proprietary and in-house formats can be defined quickly using reusable components
  • XML representation of non-XML messages
For mapping:
  • strong data typing to automatically handle data format conversions such as dates, financial amounts, etc
  • huge library of mapping functions
  • validation and enrichment rules are easily added
  • access external databases via JDBC for enrichment
  • fully extensible - new functions can be user-developed and integrated into the design workbench
For testing and deployment:
  • dynamic field-level testing of individual mapping actions as soon as they are added
  • regression test facilities pinpoint differences between existing and new versions
  • J2EE / .NET / Web Service / SOA compatible
  • deployment on all standard finance industry platforms; Solaris, Linux, Windows etc.

Supported Versions of FpML

FpML 4.0
FpML 4.1
FpML 4.2
FpML 4.3
FpML 4.4
FpML 4.5
FpML 4.6
FpML 4.7
FpML 4.8
FpML 4.9
FpML 5.0
FpML 5.1
FpML 5.2
FpML 5.3
FpML 5.4
FpML 5.5