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TierBroker is a platform-independent processing engine, capable high speed parsing, validation and transformation of complex XML streams. TierBroker can operate in batch or real-time environments and has no external dependencies. TierBroker provides native connectivity to databases, messaging platforms, files, application APIs, and network protocols. TierBroker applications can also be deployed as SOAP services. In TierBroker, rules and transformation logic are represented as a combination of XML and script. There is no compiled code!

Key Features

High Performance The TierBroker technology was developed at PriceWaterhouseCoopers over nearly a decade as an integration toolkit for top-tier financial institutions. TierBroker was the product of choice for high-volume ETL applications, with complex and dynamic data transformation requirements. Today, that legacy of high-performance, high complexity implementations forms the foundation of the TierBroker technology. Robust real-time processing capabilities and finely tuned XML facilities round out TierBroker arsenal of data processing weapons. Ease of Use There is no transformation tool on the market that is as easy to us. Take our download challenge. In 20 minutes, you can download and install TierBroker, and get your first application up and running. SOAP Capabilities TierBroker has rich capabilities for processing and serving SOAP and WSDL. TierBroker hosts SOAP services, and automatically generates WSDL. SOAP applications hosted on TierBroker can also process HTTP Get and Post requests without any modification. XML Based System TierBroker application source code is XML. Application logic and configuration is done in XML and is then augmented with callouts to scripted logic modules or in-memory database operations (see below). The approach of using XML to store project information results in excellent maintainability and reusability. Scripting TierBroker applications are developed without the need for compiled code. Business logic can be developed in TierBroker Script, a high performance interpreted language. The benefits to this approach are rapid development time, fast learning curves and unparalleled maintainability. TierBroker Script provides an extensive set of classes aimed and reducing the number of lines of code required to represent complex logic. These classes include, XML node manipulation, XML path traversal, database lookups, calls to external validation services, and error handling. The tenets of TierBroker script are less lines of code, reusability and performance. In-memory Database TierBroker includes an in-memory database. This feature is a high-speed caching mechanism controlled with standard SQL statements. Data can be marshaled into the database at rates in the hundreds of thousands of records per second. This is a perfect facility for performing operations on large sets of data, like aggregation, joining or matching. Graphical IDE TierBroker also offers a graphical development environment. This tool allows developers to create and edit project documents using a combination of text editing and graphical wizards. The tools also provide visual process previewing for concise and readable documentation.

Technical Details

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, Linux (coming soon) Size: 10 MB

Supported Versions of FpML

FpML 1.0
FpML 2.0
FpML 3.0