Volante Technologies


Volante Designer and Volante FpML


Volante Designer and Volante FpML provide support for all asset-classes, products and variants used in derivatives transactions. It can also be used for proprietary message models that are based on FpML.

Key Features

Out-of-the-box ISDA business validations, SWIFTNet FpML validations and connectivity to DTCC Metadata models are used to represent business logic for connectivity solutions Code generators convert models into libraries that can be deployed anywhere – in particular on existing platforms. Support for any ESB, Application Server, Message Broker or Workflow Engine. Libraries can also be directly invoked by applications (Java, C++, C#). Users have complete control over all aspect of message processing – including parsing, validation, transformation, routing, persistence to any DB, exception handling and monitoring. Dashboard to monitor transactions Exceptional Performance Production tested at multiple key installations.

Supported Versions of FpML

FpML 1.0
FpML 2.0
FpML 3.0
FpML 4.0
FpML 4.1
FpML 4.2
FpML 4.3
FpML 4.4
FpML 4.5
FpML 4.6
FpML 4.7
FpML 4.8
FpML 4.9
FpML 5.0
FpML 5.1
FpML 5.2
FpML 5.3
FpML 5.4