Architecture Working Group

Group Information

Mission: Provide the technical foundations for the standard. This includes use of XML schema, the development and evolution of the messaging and transport framework and guidelines for FpML extensions. The AWG will promote their views through best practices, guidelines, papers, examples and reference implementations where appropriate.

Chairs of Working Group

Marc Gratacos (TradeHeader)


See section 1 of a particular Recommendation for the list of contributors.

Group Charter

Scope: In 2020, the AWG will focus on the following areas.

  1. Explore further alignment with the CDM framework
  2. Address issues raised by FpML users – Continue to review and resolve the open issues raised by users in the issues list
  3. Securities coverage - Facilitate the use of FpML for securities related transaction, including:
    • Clarify coverage of securities in FpML by developing a paper on the coverage of securities in FpML and updating the FpML extensions and documentation section, to reflect the support for security and cash transfers.
  4. Development of guidelines for new versions of FpML and review of the Rules of Operations
  5. Update Transport Guidelines and publish demos – Finalize the work on Transport Guidelines, including
    • Update the guidelines with new API Rest section.
    • Finalize the work on demos.
  6. Maintenance of data models, business processes, and business validation rules – the AWG is responsible for reviewing the architectural consistency of the FpML models, workflows, and handling the implementation of the business validation rules.
    • Development of business rules for repo and securities lending.
    • Development of mid-life events for repo and securities lending.
  7. Development of API solutions – Evaluate further API development beyond the current tools (as the FpML to JSON Converter, FpML Validator, FpML to ISIN JSON Generator, etc.)

Meeting Schedule: The group meets Thursdays at 9am New York time, for one hour, conference calls primarily. Rules of Operation: The working group will adopt the FpML Working Group Rules of Operation. These outline best practices for meetings, managing member participation, reaching group consensus and voting. Estimated time commitment from Participants: Members should be prepared to commit approximately 1 to 4 hours per week, depending on the role of the participant, for meeting participation and document review. Full members must have the agreement and support of their management before signing up to the Working Group. Target Participants: Business analysts, technical architects, business specialists.


Date for completion

Kick-off meeting
January 2020
Final meeting
December 2020

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