Repos and Stock Loans Working Group

Group Information

Mission: Extend FpML to address contractual agreements to repurchase or lend/borrow securities. These are commonly called “repos” and “stock borrow” agreements.

Chairs of Working Group

Sylvain Benoist (JP Morgan)


Michael A. Anderson (Merrill Lynch) Paul Appleford (Credit Suisse) Jim Barrett (Metro Solutions) Todd Berlent (Cantor Fitzgerald) Erica Choinski (IBTCO) Joshua Derrick (SWIFT) Aram Ettibaryan (Primazone) Ben Glicher (EquiLend) Marc Gratacos (ISDA) Vinod Jain (Wipro) Nelson Jimenez (Helix FS) Rob Longridge (RBC Capital Markets) Danny Moeller (Helix FS) Pauline Parker (Sungard) Rodney Partridge (Peresys) Slawomir Rotkiewicz (TPG Software) John Singler (Helix FS) Tony P. Smith (JP Morgan) Gary Smolyanskiy (Goldman Sachs) Jeffrey Stephens (Helix FS) Brayan VanderPutten (Helix FS) Irina Yermakova (ISDA)

Group Charter

Scope: Create an FpML product representation for OTC contracts for repurchasing securities and for lending securities. These product representations should be usable for activities such as:
  • Repo confirmation
  • position and risk reporting
  • consolidated activity reporting
  • trade instructions
Interaction with other FpML groups:
  • This group may need to coordinate with the Business Processing working group on activity reporting and trade instructions
Interactions with other standards:
  • There is some overlap in this work with certain ISO 15022 messages. This working group will review the relevant ISO 15022 messages as an input to the product definition.
  • JPMorgan proposal for representing repos.
  • Citco/GEM proposal for representing repos.
Skills: The group requires skills in at least the following areas:
  • Repo agreement data content.
  • Stock loan agreement data content.
  • ISO 15022 repo message content.


Date for completion

Kick off Group, Review Charter
July, 2006
Review Scope with Standards Committee
August, 2006
Define Requirements
Define Schema
Develop Examples and Documentation
Dissolution of Working Group

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