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FpML® (Financial products Markup Language) is the open source XML standard for electronic dealing and processing of OTC derivatives. It establishes a protocol for sharing information electronically on, and dealing in swaps, derivatives and structured products. Learn more...


Latest News

newsbulletJuly 17, 2015

ISDA has republished the Recommendations for versions 5.5, 5.6, and 5.7 to fully support the ESMA action type.

FpML-5-5-10-rec-3 | FpML-5-6-8-rec-3 | FpML-5-7-9-rec-4
newsbulletJuly 15, 2015

ISDA has published the First Working Draft for FpML Version 5.9 (build 1). Please visit the “Changes in this version” of the specifications for more information.

newsbulletJuly 15, 2015

ISDA has published the Recommendation for FpML Version 5.8 (build 8). Please visit the “Changes in this version” of the specifications for more information.

Press Release | FpML-5-8-8-rec-1
newsbulletFebruary 13, 2015

FpML Response to ESMA Consultation on Review of the technical standards on reporting under Article 9 of EMIR

newsbulletDecember 19, 2014

ISDA has published the Trial Recommendation for FpML Version 4.10 (build 1) specifically for the loan market. Please visit the “Changes in this version” of the 4.10 specifications for more information.

newsbulletFebruary 27, 2014

FpML publishes a working draft of a global regulatory spreadsheet mapping the data requirements from multiple jurisdictions (e.g., CFTC, ESMA, MAS, CSA, ASIC).

View Spreadsheet
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FpML Focus

Identifiers & Classification

Regulatory Reporting

Implementing Dodd-Frank

European Developments

Clearing/ Electronic Execution of OTC derivatives

  • newsbullet Enhancements to support Part 22 (LSOC) requirements.

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    The CFTC has passed 17 CFR Part 22, commonly known as Legal Segregation with Operational Commingling (LSOC). (pdf)
    The FpML Business Process Working Group has been developing a set of messages to support LSOC requirements.
    Draft of the messages are available in FpML version 5.4. For information on timing for 5.4 view FpML roadmap
  • newsbullet Enhance clearing messaging capabilities

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    We continuously enhance and expand the clearing messaging capabilities of FpML to adapt to the rapidly evolving clearing landscape.
    Please refer to the Business Process Architecture section of the specification for more information.(FpML specifications)
  • newsbullet Clearing Certainty

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    FpML is participating in an joint effort led by ISDA and FIA to develop prototype credit limit check messages.
    Clearing certainty is a concern for many market participants as the industry moves towards central clearing.
    Extending the standard to enable execution certainty will represent an important step toward bringing OTC products onto execution platforms.
    Draft of the messages will be available in FpML version 5.5.For information on timing for 5.5 view FpML roadmap

Industry Updates

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FpML Training Course (New York) – October 06, 2015
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Extending FpML An Advanced FpML Training Course (New York) – October 07, 2015
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Processing FpML An Advanced FpML Training Course (New York) – October 08, 2015
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