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    Hi, I can see that the above work is in abeyance/disbanded/postponed (not sure which), but am keen to know whether there was ever any consideration given to stock borrowing and lending or whether there are any plans to re-start the work. We use FpML extensively for internal message based integration. For repos we already use a structure very close to that modelled for non-derivative extensions (from the fpml website) and can see much in that message that would be re-usable for stock borrow purposes. We are keen to know however whether there was any consensus of opinion on the extent to which the two areas would overlap or potentially be incompatible or whether there is any work elsewhere in the public domain that might be relevant to our current efforts. Any input you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks and regards, Steve Kirby


    Hi, The FpML Securities Working Group is currently working on adding Repos to FpML version 5.8. Charter of the FpML Securities Working Group: You can join the working group at: Best Regards, Marc

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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