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    Hi, hoping someone may be able to assist me. I am trying to locate a field that shows an increase in version number for every message that is sent through irrespective of the activity or function completed under confirmation. I understand that the message ID and sequence version field would not be correct to use as these relate to specific functions only (new trade has one, partial termination has a different one). Any assistance would be appreciated. regards Averil


    Hi, Note that it’s the combination of correlationId + sequence number (and not the messageId) that relates messages together and keeps track of their sequence. See if I understand correctly you have multiple processes, say 3 sequential business processes, and you want to keep track of the sequence of all the messages across these processes. As stated, FpML provides fields to track sequences within a process, however, that mechanism is not meant to be used across processes, by design. You could possibly devise a solution where you would embed sequence information in e.g., the messageId but that would be a hack, and unadvisable. FpML provides a parentCorrelationId field which is an optional identifier used to provide a connection between related processes. That was introduced to keep track of main (parent) / sub processes. This additional field may be useful. Hope this helps. Regards, Lyteck ISDA

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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