October 1, 2019

FpML… The Power! (LSTA article)

February 22, 2018 - What is FpML, how has it changed – and why is this going to make my life better? Loan Financial Products Mark-up Language is an open source data exchange standard, developed by the consensus of loan market participants.

The LSTA is pleased to announce the publication of of FpML version 5.10 which includes, without limitation, core business events and asset structures related to syndicated loan trading.  The 5.10 enhancements will allow market participants to further retire archaic communication methods that have created immeasurable inefficiencies, as well as operational risk.  The hard work of the FpML Syndicated Loan Working Group – comprised of banks, custodians and technology vendors, and chaired by Bhavik Katira and Chad Freeburg of Ten Delta – will allow for the electronic delivery of standardized data across the loan market.  In other words, it will make loan market participants’ lives better, by making processes more accurate and more efficient.


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