June 8, 2022

ISDA has republished the Recommendation for FpML version 5.5 REC 5 (build 13)

NEW YORK, June 8, 2022 - The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) republished the Recommendation for Financial products Markup Language (FpML) version 5.5 (REC 5 build 13). <br><br> https://www.fpml.org/spec/fpml-5-5-13-rec-5/ <br><br> Changes introduced in this version:
  • Transparency View changes:
    • The category element has been made available in Transparency view, in the partyTradeInformation and tradeInformation structures.
    • The otherPartyPayment has been made available in Transparency view where it was available in Recordkeeping (e.g. trade structures)
  • Pretrade View changes:
    • Fixed the schema. Some types were missing in pretrade but needed to make the schema valid.
<br><br> ISDA is not planning to republish subsequent versions 5-6, 5-7, ..., 5-12 with the changes introduced in this 5-5 REC 5 (build 13). Republishing all these versions would be labor intensive and increase the risk of introducing errors. The changes introduced in 5-5 REC 5 (Transparency and Pretrade views) will be propagated in the next version of FpML under development, i.e. 5-13. Please contact us at info@fpml.org should you have any questions or a need for these fields in subsequent versions.  <br><br> FpML Team