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1030: FRA indexTenor should not be unbounded

November 15, 2010




Interest Rate Derivatives




A FRA can contain (sensibly) either one or two indexTenor instances to define the underlying rate but the model allows an unbounded number to be accepted.

Either change the cardinality to 1..2 or change the grammar to 'indexTenor,indexTenor?'

This bug has existed since FpML 1.0


  • mgratacos

    03/05/13 8:40 pm

    Should we update the documentation of the element as first step?

  • h_mcallister

    09/02/13 3:22 pm

    Agree the documentation should be updated, at least.

    I would be in favour of changing the schema per Andrew’s suggestion. Such a change would be acceptable within the FpML-5 series, as it would not impact any conforming document (there is no reason to produce more than two instances of fra/indexTenor …).

  • mgratacos

    09/09/13 1:31 pm

    Agreement on the 2013-09-09 Standards Committee meeting to make this change in version 5.6.

  • mgratacos

    05/16/19 6:46 am

    This change has been committed to SVN. It will be fixed in the next release of version 5.11.

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