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1257: PackageSummary type is undocumented

November 22, 2018









Support for "trade packages" was introduced at FpML 5-7. The PackageSummary type (instantiated as tradeHeader/originatingPackage) continues to have no annotation for any of its content (child elements). This should be remediated retrospectively for all versions from 5-7 onward.

  • FpML should not accept content for integration in the Standard without appropriate schema documentation (at minimum, meaningful annotation for each ComplexType & element definition).


  • iyermakova

    04/03/19 3:48 pm

    Hi Harry,

    It is a good point. We will bring this issue to the AWG for review.


    Irina Yermakova

  • mgratacos

    04/18/19 5:22 am

    Proposed annotations:

    • packageIdentifier – unique identifier of the trade package.
    • orderIdentifier – unique identifier of the order that generated the trade package.
    • packageType – specifies the package type. Domain is defined within the packageTypeScheme and includes values such as: Butterfly, CalendarRoll, CalendarSpread, etc. The complete list is available at: http://www.fpml.org/coding-scheme/package-type
    • size: size of the trade package.
    • sequenceNumber: ???
  • mgratacos

    05/08/19 9:58 am

    Sequence number is used to identify the ordinal position of the trade within the enclosing package, e.g. number 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc,, where 3 = package size.  It’s intended to assist with ordering and reconciliation.

  • mgratacos

    05/08/19 10:17 am

    Added annotations to the SVN repository.

  • mgratacos

    05/15/19 5:03 am

    This fix will be published in the next release of 5.11.

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