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1269: Annotation of members of Price.model (Commodity)

June 24, 2020









Model group Price.model defined in fpml-com has members priceCurrency and priceUnit, annotated as:

  • The [currency|unit of measure] used to specify the digital barrier in terms of a price per unit of commodity.

Price.model is referenced as a component of complex type FixedPrice, which is the underlying type of commodityDigitalOption/digital/trigger/levelPrice. However FixedPrice is used in a number of contexts in the Commodity models which are unrelated (or, not necessarily related) to a digital trigger e.g. CommodityForward, GenericCommodityAttributes.model.

I propose the annotations should be amended to read "fixed price or level", in place of the existing "digital barrier". Additionally, I suggest prepending a "Commodity" prefix to the names of the FixedPrice and Price.model components, to indicate the asset-class context in which they apply.


  • mgratacos

    09/28/20 10:02 am

    Minutes AWG 2020-09-03

    • Agreement to update the annotation of the elements as Harry suggested.
    • Renamed the Price group model with the Commodity prefix since it is commodity specific.
  • mgratacos

    10/22/20 6:57 am

    Committed the changes to Subversion.

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