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1284: All elements MUST be associated with a globally defined type

February 6, 2023



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5.13 Second Working Draft (Build 2)





FpML Architecture Specification 3.1#s2.3.5

  • All elements MUST be associated with a globally defined type

5-12 and 5-13-WD-1 have 5 elements which define local anonymous types They should reuse or convert to global named types.


  • RegulatoryWithdrawal/ withdrawalReason


  • DayCount/ currencySpecificDayCount
  • Rollover/ currentContracts,
  • Rollover/ newContracts
  • AdditionalData/ originalMessage


  • JasonPolis

    02/06/23 3:43 pm

    change category to schema

  • mgratacos

    03/23/23 11:24 am

    AWG Meeting 2023-03-23 Agreed by the group. Type should be named as the element where possible. Contact Bhavik for loan changes.

  • mgratacos

    05/04/23 8:29 am

    Regarding withdrawalReason, the proposal is to create a new simple type Max255NormalizedString.

  • mgratacos

    05/04/23 8:53 am

    All issues have been solved and committed to SVN for release in the upcoming release of FpML 5.13. We still need to notify Bhavik for the loan changes.

  • jbaserba

    03/18/24 11:29 am

    Change published as part of FpML 5.13 Working Draft 2 on July 31st 2023:


    Marked as closed.

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