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1301: cashflowsMatchParameters

May 22, 2023









Good evening dear FpML experts.

I have a question regarding the element cashflowsMatchParameters.

The abstract says the following: "A true/false flag to indicate whether the cashflows match the parametric definition of the stream, i.e. whether the cashflows could be regenerated from the parameters without loss of information."

Do I understand this element correctly that its value "true" means that the input parameters of the contract, for example: notional amount, effective date, termination date, payment frequency, payment dates, interest amounts, calculation periods, etc. will form a strictly parameterized cash flow that will meet all these parameters. And its "false" value means that this cash flow may differ from the parameters specified in the contract, after some manual changes are made to it or something like that?

If I do not understand this element correctly, please explain its meaning a bit. In fact, it is not clear what meaning it carries in the electronic exchange of information.

Thank you very much in advance and I look forward to cooperation as always.


Best regards, Maksym


  • JasonPolis

    06/21/23 12:38 pm

    Checked at XAPWG 2023-06-21.

    Simply, yes.
    Most systems use the parameters to generate cash flow internally. Generally not sending all the cash flows to each other.
    If you have both parameters and specified cashflows, if the flag says false, specified cash flows are the definitive cash flows of the trade.
    Used internally by organisations where one system may generate cash flows and send it downstream for use by other systems.

  • MAZA

    06/21/23 5:00 pm

    Thank you, Jason, for such comprehensive clarification.

    Now I am sure that I understand this element correctly.

    We can close this ticket.




  • JasonPolis

    06/22/23 4:44 am

    Thank you , great questions are always welcome !

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