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1321: relativeEffectiveDate businessCenter

August 8, 2023



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Good day.

I have the following question regarding example #30 (2.38).

The code snippet is as follows.

<relativeEffectiveDate id="effectiveDate_0_0"> <periodMultiplier>2</periodMultiplier> <period>D</period> <dayType>Business</dayType> <businessDayConvention>NONE</businessDayConvention> <businessCenters> <businessCenter>GBLO</businessCenter> </businessCenters> <dateRelativeTo href="tradeDate" /> <relativeDateAdjustments> <businessDayConvention>MODFOLLOWING</businessDayConvention> <businessCenters> <businessCenter>GBLO</businessCenter> <businessCenter>USNY</businessCenter> </businessCenters> </relativeDateAdjustments> </relativeEffectiveDate>


The questions are next:

  1. Why the element that has Xpath /dataDocument/trade/swap/swapStream[1]/calculationPeriodDates/relativeEffectiveDate/businessCenters/businessCenter

contains only GBLO business center, and not both the GBLO and USNY business centers?

2) Is this a mistake or does this presentation format make sense?

3) Can there be no business centers in that place at all?

Thank you in advance, as always, I hope for cooperation.


Best regards, Maksym


  • MAZA

    09/06/23 4:46 am

    UPD: additional question:
    Assume that the relativeDateAdjustments section is missing (see the snippet below) and only the first part is present. Is this possible and have I modeled the code correctly? Will such a representation contain logic equivalent to that in which relativeDateAdjustments is present?

    <relativeEffectiveDate id=”effectiveDate_0_0″>
    <dateRelativeTo href=”tradeDate”/>


    Thank you.


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